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Copy of FoodTab - A new way to eat!

No description

Faizal Khalid

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of FoodTab - A new way to eat!

What is food Tab ?
How does it work ?
Business Strategy and goals?
Price options

In this project, we designed this system can improve the management level of traditional catering enterprises, can reduce the cost of catering enterprises in financial accounting.
This system can real-time receive, store, display and analysis data for each user
Introduction !
How does it help customers !!
The system includes data receiving,storage and display
Intelligent self-service ordering information system
100% Accounting Ability
Customer Analysis data
Minimizing Labor cost
Marketing through social networks by customers
Easy update of menu
How does it help clients?
Establishing Partnerships
Build partnerships with our customers (the restuarants and food services) that are tailored to their needs and be unified with the look of the restaurant.
Future Goals
launching of Table scratch proof touch screen in different sizes
A new way to eat!
food Tab
A replacement for paper format menu into digital by using device Tablet menu

Customers can check the price details of food with sample pictures .
Details descriptions of contents in the food.
Sample Videos of making food
User friendly touch screen
Multi languages
User log in facilities .
Fun activities
A trialling phase before the application is introduced - ensuring the application functions and is able to perform to the customers need.
Trial Phases
Looking to have this venture to be largely popular with other food services and establish a large market of applications for the restaurants across the globe. As well as customer contact and retention
Growing Market
Currently there is already a small market of mobile applications that work with the same services we offer
How we differ from Competitors ?
supplying of hardware and software with hotel logos
Less Monthly Basis rent
High quality Customer service
Software and hardware upgrades
Discounts for bulk orders
Initial payment - $200

Monthly charges - $40 per device
upto 5 devices

Monthly charges - $30per device
after 5 and above
including installations with tablet and software
Initial marketing location
New york
> More than 20,000 restaurants
> New product launch site
Created by
Faizal !!!
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