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War Brothers Character Analysis

No description

Keigo Ng

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of War Brothers Character Analysis

Where Your Loyalties Lie.
Oteka Oteka has an interesting personality. His emotions are hidden from Jacob, which gives him a silent apperance, yet he is also gentle and giving because he gives the children food. He cared for Adaa (his old'granmother). He was also very loyal because he stayed with Adaa till her very last breath.
'He could not leave Adaa. If Oteka left Adaa she would surely starve' pg. 41 Oteka thinking. In the book, Oteka is described as very tall and mysterious. He has dark hair and almond shaped brow eyes. He was dressed in the clothes of a begger, yet had the aura of a grand chief, tall and regal. He has had no family since he was very small and stayed with adaa as she did not have family either. Pesonality traits Character Description Quote If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't follow. I would be there at the bottom to catch them when they fall. The author of this quote is anonymous. Character Change Oteka did not change as much as the other characters in the book, though in the beginning I could tell there was a slight change. When Oteka was with Adaa he seemed to be much more shy and open, when he got caught by the LRA he closed himself up, and did not let anyone in again Could I Be Friends With This Person? I think I could be friends with this character because he is loyal and kind. He stays with his friends till the end and doesn’t stop caring for them. He is also calm, as to my terrible temper. He is a good listener in addition to his other good traits. He is courageous and doesn’t falter in the darkest of times.
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