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never say NO to PANDA!

No description

Frida Chico

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of never say NO to PANDA!

never say NO to PANDA!
Our product is "Panda cheese" an arabian product made in Egypt in 2010; the agency that produce this is Advance Marketing of Arabia.
a. Type of audience and characteristics

b. Message (content, tone and language)

The message is that you can´t refuse the panda cheese otherwise a giant Panda will appear and destroy things near you. The content is always developed in diary life situations like for example, buying at the supermarket or working; The language is Arabic and we imagine that for the people that speak arabic is easy to understand.
Emotion That It Generates
It make you hungry and shocked, Hungry because the cheese looks good and it seems tasty and shocked because you can´t imagine a cheese being hold by a pandas hand
d.Use of color
It use principally blue, withe and black.
The blue color is associated with power and with relaxing thoughts it can activate the left part of the brain and it is characterized for his capacity of capture the attention also the color withe is associated with peace something totally different to black that is associated with aggressiveness.
First Image
We think is for all egyptian people that is tolerant to lactose and that like to eat cheese at every hour, because the commercial is from Egypt and it is a product just for Egypt.
representation of line, form and texture
the cheese package is circular and it is scientifically proved that the circles capture the attention of the right part of the brain also the texture is soft and cold because it is of plastic so it seems that the touch feels like that
type of space
the type of space shown in the image is like a a supermarket focusing the pandas hand and the cheese package
Why it caches your eye?
Because it is not common to see a pandas hand holding a cheese product also because the color blue is a captive color, also pandas are soooo cute :3
video publicity
type of audience and characteristics
As we already said in our last picture we think it is for egyptian and tolerant to lactose people but as we can see in the video the commercials turn a viral video so a lot of people all around and of all ages principally people over 20 years the world want to eat it.
The image transmits a confusing message because it is clear that is the hand of a panda holding a cheese but you dont now why so it is just like a promo of a cheese
emotions that it generates
It makes people confused at the beginning because a giant panda appear from nowhere but when they see him destroy everything it makes them laugh.
use of color
They use a lot of colors but principally they use light colors for example the withe and blue colors cause relax thoughts in contrast of the black colors of the panda that make negative and aggressive thoughts.
representation of line form and texture
Well basically is just the form and the texture that is basically just of the panda the panda for what we can see the pandas skin look soft and his form is really big like a oval.
type of space
The type of space and place is in a lot of ambient where you can see or eat the product "panda cheese" for example in the work or in the supermarket
why it catches your eye
because it is really rare in a good way to see a giant cute and aggressive panda promoting a cheese product
Frida Catalina Chico Sánchez A01364794
Mariana Dalila Suárez Sánchez A01365409
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