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Kamchatka Volcano

No description

Luke Crawford

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Kamchatka Volcano

Luke Crawford Kamchatka
Russia History Of Kamchatka There are many volcanoes on the island of Kamchatka.
The most recent volcano to erupt on Kamchatka is Plosky Tolbachik which erupted on November 27, 2012.
Kamchatka's volcanoes are the northern part of the Ring of Fire.
The Kamchatka volcanoes are not very quiet.
They are known to frequently erupt. The Type of Volcanoes in Kamchatka The volcanoes in Kamchatka vary in type as well as shape.
The most common volcanoes are shield or stratvolcano, but there are also cinder cone, caldera, and lava domes.
The tallest volcano in Kamchatka is Klyuchevskaya Sopka standing at 4,750 m.
The shortest volcano in Kamchatka is Karymsky which stands 1,536 m tall. Video of a Kamchatka volcano Pictures of Kamchatka volcanoes How much would it cost to travel to Kamchatka and back? I chose to fly to Moscow, Russia on a one stop, one way trip. This would cost $1,277 if I flew on British Airlines. After that, I can get on a flight to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport on SIberia Airlines. This would cost $625 for a two stop flight. All together, one flight to Kamchatka, Russia is $1,907. Taking a helicopter ride can cost around $900. The hotel will cost $164. The total cost is $2971 for a one way trip. Some interesting facts about Kamchatka. Sources Video
http://www.kamchatka.org.ru/volcano.html Kamchatka is home to many different species of flora and fauna.
The original inhabitants to Kamchatka were hunters looking for food.
Kamchatka is the size of France, Luxemburg, and Belgium put together.
There are over 114 holocene volcanoes in Kamchatka.
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