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werewolves/ shapeshifters

No description

Lisa Demers

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of werewolves/ shapeshifters

Werewolves! There are a whole bunch of different myths about werewolves, all of them talk about what causes the change. Some people think anger can cause thier change. and others are affected by the full moon Werewolves are creatures that are said to not know what they do the moment after their transformation. They could kill their best friend and not know it. Werewolf can also be known as Lycanthrope. from the greek words: lukos meaning wolf and anthrōpos meaning man. Werewolves can be changed either by being bitten or scratched by another werewolf or by being cursed. Werewolves are mostly known by being killed with silver, whether its a silver bullet or silver stake. There are other cases in which the curse can be lifted with an antidote. Werewolves look diffirently depending on who you talk to. Werewolves can look more like wolves then people or more like people then wolves. Sometimes Werewolves actually take form of an actual wolf.
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