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7 Days at the Hot Corner

No description

Luis Abreu-Socorro

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 7 Days at the Hot Corner

7 Days at the Hot Corner
Created by: Luis, Lorenzo, Ruben, Dante and Alex
In the beginning of the book, there is a teen named Scott. His life is normal and he plays baseball, but then it all comes down on him. First he finds out a secret about his best friend, second he takes a test for HIV, and he has to wait for the results of his HIV test for 7 days during his big tournament. How will this go down for Scott?
Major Themes
The major theme in the book is discrimination towards gays. An example of this is that Travis, gay, was kicked out of his home for who he is and who he is attracted to.
The Bias'
The Bias in the book is sexual orientation. Scott was a little embarrassed of having a gay friend, but in the end of the book he overcame it and decided to not judge Travis for being Gay.
The Recommendation
Most of the group didn't like the book because we thought it was about baseball. We would however suggest this book to people who are interested in learning about people of different sexual orientation.
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