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Sakshi Kothari

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of EMMA

Jane Austen (1775-1817)

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Nationality: British

Other good books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility

Emma: Romantic Fiction
Setting 19th century
Published: 1815
Number of Pages: around 400
Made into a movie: Emma

Writing Style
Dialogue (too much)
Elaborate Writing

Brief Summary
Protagonist: Emma (no antagonist)

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Brief Story
Story of Emma (loves matchmaking--> conflict)
Tries to match up Harriet (someone who doesn't fit into their society) with Mr. Elton
Instead finds out Mr. Elton was in love with Emma
After this, Emma falls in love with Frank Churchill
Realizes she doesn't love him
Harriet falls in love with Mr. Knightly
Emma realizes she loves Mr. Knightly

One rule about manners: One who doesn't have it, is looked down upon.
Marriage is not only the relation between people who love each other. Social class matters more.
If one doesn't have money, it is hard for them to get married.
Throughout the book, characters are classfied and stereotyped.
Mrs. Bates
Harriet Smith
Doesn't know who her father is; loss of identity
Always helped with transportation and is always thanking rich people; makes her seem small
Rich family = Good manners
Mr. Elton
Only considers rich women for marriage
Topics that women talk about are different from men
Marriage/ Men/ Gossip about everyone
Weather or no communication/ Cards
Connection to Short Stories, Hamlet and Fifth Business
1) Journey to Self Discovery
My Review
- Amazing because everybody can relate to it
- Boring because of the dialogues
- Life lessons:
One shouldn't try to change a person just because they want them to be a certain way. One should learn to appreciate.
Connection to Short Stories, Hamlet and Fifth Business continued
4) Themes: Classism
5) Element: Sexism (Stereotypical)
6) Literary Modes: Winter(darkness and return of chaos) - Harriet is heartbroken
Spring - Harriet and Emma find love
7) Female Bias= more focus on women
8) Emma (novel) = Appearance Vs. Reality
9) Fairy Tale Element
2) Dangers of Idealization
3) Archetypes:
Father figure: Mr. Knightly
Bossy Brat: Emma Woodhouse
Prince Charming: Frank Churchill
Outcast/ Weakling: Harriet Smith
Trickster (Trouble Maker): Mr. Elton
Married Women and Men
Connection to Short Stories, Hamlet and Fifth Business
Ordinary World
Call to Adventure
Crossing the Threshold
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Ordeal, Death & Rebirth
Return with Elixir
Setting in England
Making Harriet's Match
Mr. Elton's proposal

She realizes that she is love with Mr Knightly
Learns more about herself through making other matches
Pages: Jane Austen

Connect to Short Stories, Hamlet and Fifth Business continued
10) New Historicism

Setting of the book is the 1800s (19th century)
England - the marriage and culture (Sexism and

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