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PDMS Introduction

Basic PDMS introduction to explain what PDMS is and the concepts behind the software. TDS enjoys solving Engineer problems with IT. PDMS, like Cadmatic, are some of the most matured software in the area of 3D Plant Design.

TDS Engr Solutions Pte Ltd

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of PDMS Introduction

The Course serves as an introduction to PDMS for Designers who will be using PDMS.
No knowledge of PDMS is assumed.
At the end of this Introduction Course, the user will understand the concepts of PDMS and what is it used for.
This course provides the basic understanding for beginners of PDMS.

CADCENTRE started in 1967
June 1976 – launch of PDMS
Privatised in 1983, management buy out in 1994
1996 – Listed
2001 – CADCENTRE becomes AVEVA
2004 – Acquire Tribon
2012 – Acquire Bocad

History of AVEVA

AVEVA Engineering
AVEVA Schematic 3D Comparator
AVEVA Electrical
AVEVA Instrumentation
AVEVA Interfaces ( Mechanical , Pipe Stress )
AVEVA Cable Design
AVEVA Laser Modeller/Interface
AVEVA Global
AVEVA Clash Management
AVEVA Model Management

Products in AVEVA Plant Family

* we list what we think are the main products in Plant, check www.aveva.com for latest product range
What is PDMS

PDMS (the Plant Design Management System) enables you to design a 3D computer model of a process plant.
In the model you can store huge amounts
All this information is stored in databases
PDMS provide the tools to build the model, the references ( catalogues), extract information both Graphical and textual as well as managed the project
Dabacon II is the database engine used

What is PDMS ?

Types of output available from PDMS

PDMS is large software - not possible to learn all the features
Going through all the training does not mean you know everything, practice is required
PDMS is a powerful tool for the designer that allows him flexibility
How to master PDMS :
Read the manuals
Takes years of reading and experimentations
No Right or Wrong answer – the method that works is the right answer


10s – Predecessor of Modern PDMS ( 1990s )
11.2 – First Native Windows version ( mid 1990s )
11.6.Sp5 – Last version of 11
12.0 – Double Precision , New Database elements etc. ( mid 2000 )
12.1.spX – Latest Version of PDMS

Versions of PDMS

Ensuring consistent & reliable component data
Keeping to engineering specifications
Ensuring correct geometry & connectivity
Avoiding component interference
Taking dimension only from the design database
And much more

Advantages of using PDMS

Starting PDMS
In PDMS 12.1 , the shortcut will start PDMS in the module selected
When prompted, the user need to key in Project, User Name, Password, MDB
Project – Collection of configurations, MDBs, Users, Teams and Database
User -> determine which module you can use, belongs to team, ( can be configured with Windows Login )
Team -> determines which database you can write to
MDB -> group of databases with the database the user have permission
Configuration -> Many different configuration that the administrator setup, for example, the ability to create a bookmark of the state of the project ( Time Stamp ) etc.

Project / User / Team / MDB

As the users will be designing concurrently with other user, when a user work on a Equipment/Pipe or other element, the element will be claimed by the user. Before others can use it, the user need to “save” and sometimes “unclaim” for other who wants to modify
It is good habit to do “save work” frequently
Usually, the system will work on the elements that are “cache” locally, so if the user wants the latest "save work" by other users in the database, the user can use “get work” command to update the information the user is working on.
If the item is not in the cache ( most likely have not been put into 3D view) , then when the item is displayed, it will be the latest version

Save Work/Get Work/Claim/Unclaim

Name a module in PDMS
Name 2 types of database a user need to have to start doing Piping Design
To design, which type of database a user must have write permission
Can there be more than 1 design database in a PDMS MDB ?


Databases and MDB instead of drawings
Users have permission to modules
Users have permission to databases via Team
Reports, graphical or Textual and Graphical View are all a representation of the database ( data-centric approach )
PDMS has management feature to enable concurrent working
One of the difference in PDMS to other CAD system is it is database driven, hence to have some functionality of normal CAD software is not trivial, new user needs to overcome this mindset


Next : Design Module and Equipment Application
Thank you !
If you will find this material useful, please give us your comments to improve the course
We are able to do this because of customers who paid for this course
We like to thank Fuelite Pte Ltd for hosting us, and the other companies who supported us
We like to thank AVEVA and the creators of PDMS. The concepts is still relevant today after so many years.
We want to be able to produce the best training material for PDMS. We want to do it because we like to.
We hope you respect our effort and support us by recommending our services to your company
Visit us at www.teamdesignsolutions.com

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