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Kamehameha Dynasty Project

No description

Cole Oxe

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Kamehameha Dynasty Project

By: Cole Oxé
Kamehameha Dynasty Project
Kamehameha The Great
Kamehameha II
King Kamehameha II was born approximately in November of 1797 in Hilo, Hawaii. He took control of the Hawaiian Kingdom. His siblings were Kauikeaouli who ended up being Kamehameha III and a sister Kinau. During Kamehameha II time in the kingdom, he abolished the kapu system. By doing this men and women were treated more equally because before men and women were not allowed to eat and worship together. After that they could do that. His rule was a shared rule between him and Kamehameha the Great's favorite wife Kaahumanu.
Kamehameha III
King Kamehameha III was the longest ruling king out of all of the the Kamehameha's. King Kamehameha III was born on about August 1813. He took over the kingdom after his brother's death in 1824. King Kamehameha III siblings were Kamehameha II and his sister princess Kinau. Under Kamehameha III rule the first written constitution of Hawaii was signed in 1840.He also allowed foreigners to be his advisers. He also allowed foreigners to live in the kingdom of Hawaii.
Kamehameha IV
King Kamehameha IV also known as Alexander Liholiho, was the 4th king in the Hawaiian monarchy. He was born on February 9, 1834. One of the important things that King Kamehameha IV did was help to build Queen's Hospital because many of the Hawaiians were dying of leprosy. He also helped set up the first Anglican church in Hawaii. He helped build a very strong relationship between Hawaii and Great Britain.
King Kamehameha the Great unified all the islands. He did that by being very strong. He also used his smarts to use efficient tactics.
King Kamehameha the great was born in Kohala on the island of Hawai`i, in what is now Kohala Historical Sites. He was born approximately in November of 1758. King Kamehameha became a very powerful chief during the time where there was a power struggle between the islands and war between chiefs determined who got land. He became the most powerful chief and doing that, he united all of the islands to become one empire. His parents were Keoua and Kekuiwapoiwa. King Kamehameha the Great had over 20 wives but his favorite was Ka`ahumanu. His highest ranked wife was Keopuolani. King Kamehameha had 2 siblings those were Prince Kalokuokamaile, and Prince Keliimaikai. He died in 1819 and passed down his kingdom to his son who became Kamehameha II.
King Kamehameha the great allowed the foreign missionaries that wanted to cmoe to Hawaii come. He only allowed them to come on a come and go basis.
King Kamehameha the Great used strength and wits to become the most powerful chief in the islands. He did that by outsmarting his opponents. He was also a very strong man and a great leader.
Under King Kamehameha II the kapu system was abolished.King Kamehameha II and Kaahumanu both believed in equality so they abolished the system that divides them.
Under King Kamehameha II rule, the ancient ritual system was abolished. He did this because he was unhappy with the regulations and limitations of the ritual system.
King Kamehameha II and Queen Kaahumanu imposed new moral rules upon the islands. They felt that they should do that because he was unhappy with the rules and laws they had currently.
King Kamehameha III allowed the foreign missionaries to stay in Hawiaii on a one year trial basis. He did this so that the missionaries could teach what they thought was a injured religous system.
King Kamehameha III took part in writing Hawaii's first written constitution. His adviser that helped him write it was William Richards, a white male, who influenced the writing of this constitution.
King Kamehameha III was the first Hawaiian King to allow foreigners to become his advisers. He did that because he felt from a governmental standpoint it would be very helpful for Hawaii.
King Kamehameha IV was very concerned about the Hawaiians health. A lot of Hawaiians were getting sick so he helped create Queen's Medical center.
King Kamehameha IV was very fond of Great Britain and the monarchy system set up there. That is why he helped to make a strong relationship between Hawaii and Great Britain
King Kamehameha IV was very fond of the British and there culture. He felt it would be good for Hawaii to follow there religious. He set up first Anglican Church in Hawaii
Kamehameha V
King Kamehameha V was born December 11, 1830. King Kamehameha V sibling's were King Kamehameha IV and Princess Victoria Kamamalu.
King Kamehameha V did many important things in the kingdom such as creating a new constitution that gave the king more power. He also refused to sign a bill that allowed Hawaiians to be able to buy and sell liquor because he did not want them to put their health at risk. Kamehameha V also refused to take an oath stating that he would follow the Constitution of 1852 which crippled the king's power which is why he made a new constitution to restore it.
King Kamehameha IV was very unhappy with the Constitution of 1852. That is why he created a new constitution to restore the King's power in the monarchy.
King Kamehameha was very concerned about his people's health. That is why he refused to allow Hawaiians to buy and sell liquor.
King Kamehameha was very unhappy with the Constitution of 1852. He did not like how the king lost a lot of power in that constitution. He refused to take oath saying he would follow the Constitution of 1852
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