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The process to Lego-Eco

No description

d a

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The process to Lego-Eco

attractive and useful for kids pull the ropes and box-it-up! easy tidy up for caretakers 17/09/2012 17/09/2012 1.The Brief 2. Defining the
problem 3. A peek on existing solutions 4. Brain-storm 5. Concept generation 6. LEGO-eco in out -wise for by Deniz Altuntas lego
is: lego
wants /
needs: 3 1.
a green
solution 2 sources:
1) http://aboutus.lego.com/nl-nl/sustainability/goals-and-progress/
2) LEGO Sustainability Report 2007
3) http://aboutus.lego.com/da-dk/news-room/2011/july/lego-group-actions-to-reduce-packaging-materials-impact-on-the-environment/ 2. promote
its brand values imagination
fun users
want /
need: 4.
storage solutions 5.
interact 6.
playing surface user
-wise kids &
adults users
are: players
care-takers learning
quality instructions
organizing floor or table: a defined area by by users handmade bought 3.
protect and
stack "generation to generation"
shelf appearance
floor appearance packaging
solutions secondary
products what is missing? how to improve? 1. a green solution
2. promoting Lego brand values
3. protective and stackable
4. long term storage
5. providing a playing surface
6. interactive main materials:
petroleum-based, cardboard packages are
* put aside while playing
* kept around, turned around for models cardboard packages are either
* not kept,
* kept in a drawer (flattened)
* worn out long before the lego bricks now, not aimed for. fabric as a green material * serve as both packaging and storage unit
* last as long as the LEGO bricks it keeps * turn into a play-mat (big LEGO sets)
* turn into playing surface (smaller sets)
* present models both inside and outside should be a
box-like, firm form packaging as a part of product imagination
fun learning
quality Does LEGO packages carry
the brand values as much as products? inspiration initial
sketches mock-ups a green textile packaging solution,
converting to play-mats
and providing long-term storage boxes 1. a green solution
2. promoting Lego brand values
3. protective and stackable
4. long term storage
5. providing a playing surface
6. interactive fun and inspiring
to play on/with form: box-like
main material: fabric how to open-close?
how to support fabric? imagination
fun learning
quality costlier :
is it a drawback? Customers willingly invest extra time,
money and personal efforts.
They can now save their time and efforts. new approach
open to further improvements Enhanced products: packages are parts of products.
New, inside-outside concepts are applicable, e.g. :
- nature: jungles, seas, deserts...
- geography: continents, countries;
- cultures: eskimos, indians, aborigines Thanks for your interest. for by Deniz Altuntas
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