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No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of pyramid

where dose it/where did it take place?
what is he mystery and why is it on a unsolved mystery list?
Pyramids whe built 4h century as larest pyramid is in giza egypt known as the great pyramid 2.3 million blocks of stone had to be cut moved and put togeher to build the great pyramid. No one knows why they where built or how the egyptions bilt them.
How do people think pyramids where built?
People think allenies built the pyramids . slaves are another possibility.
What is your hery/explanation/conclusion?
I think slaves built the pyramids.
wbsite used
when did the mystery begin ?
the mysery began about 4000 years ago.
When did it/dose it take place?
Pyramids took place in giza egypt 2630 b.c .
pyramids ake place in egpt.
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