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Burberry: A Case Study

No description

Kara Jensen

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Burberry: A Case Study

By Kara Jensen
Burberry: A Case Study
Established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry
British brand known for its outerwear
Supplied clothing to explorers, aviators, and military personnel
Invention of the the trench coat
By the late 20th century had expanded to womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, home wares, and fragrance
Mission and Values
In 2006...
SWOT Analysis
Repositioning the Brand
Change in Leadership
Shift in Culture
New Strategies
Target millennial generation
Fully embrace all social media to create a multidimensional Burberry experience
Utilize celebrity endorsements
Partner with reputable brands
Multiple product lines for increased accessibility
Focus on...
Shifting to the millennial target market
Digital Technology revolution
Organizational structure of design and production
Strategic recruitment
Unification of the company's vision by:

1. Emphasizing strong British heritage
2. Embracing the digital revolution
3. Using a democratic approach to bring
the team together
4. Transparency among stakeholders
Loss of British identity and prestige
No longer a clear target audience
Lack of control over the global design team
Luxury good sector growing at 13% while Burberry was only growing at 2%
Licensing deals tarnished image of brand
A Burberry World
PR, Marketing
and Advertising
Burberry Today
The Burberry
2008: Established and registered as a charity in England and Wales
“Helping young people realize their dreams through the power of creativity”
Dedicated to supporting young people, helping them to realize their full potential
Encourages employees to volunteer their time and skills
Has helped over 44,000 young people globally
Celebrity Endorsement
Partnering with companies like Apple and Google
“It’s clear that companies like Burberry
recognize the importance of
digital-advertising campaigns geared
toward Web natives."
- BusinessWeek, 2013
Twitter / Instagram
Other Social Media
Burberry Bespoke
Live Stream
The Art of the Trench
Regent St. Flagship
Tweet Talk
Live Stream
Exclusive previews
Viral Approach
Over 450 stores in 31 countries
Interbrand’s ‘Top 100 Global Brands’
Named the luxury brand with the greatest increase in brand value
£1,999,000,000 total revenue, 8% increase
Most followed luxury brand on Facebook (16m)
Leading luxury brand on Instagram (1.25m)
Reached over 2 million Twitter followers
26 million YouTube views
2012-2013 Annual Report
Competitors' strategies
Resistance to change
Lingering negative association
Buyers switching brands
Problems with suppliers
Centralize design decisions
Product innovation
Improve corporate culture
Investment in emerging markets
Celebrity endorsement
Social media
Loss of company vision
Unclear target market
Lack of design uniformity
Tarnished brand image
Low control in supply chain
Not accessible to working class
Global presence
High brand awareness
Distinctive products
Knowledge and expertise
High company value

New CEO: Angela Aherndts
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