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Jin Kazama

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Prezi template

Busy professionals and uni students struggle to find time to cook for themselves and eat healthily.
People struggling to recreate healthy home-cooked food
A great and healthy alternative to fast food and frozen meals
Unique Value Proposition
Prepared fresh on that day
No added preservatives
Found in convenient locations
Ready to cook, not ready to re-heat
The meals are categorised in different levels according to their difficulty.
Train stations
Petrol stations
Local supermarkets
Sale of the prepacked meal
Cross advertising*
Unfair Advantage
Studying or professional singles and couples
People who lack time to cook healthy meals
Cost Per Serve

Cost of Material [1] $2.45
Cost of Labor [2] $0.50
Cost of Overhead [3] $0.49

Total Cost Per Serve $3.75

Selling Price $5.00(Promo Price)
Profit per unit $1.25

Assuming we sell 500 per month - Revenue:$625
Cost for samples per month:$300

Profit per month:$325
Meals that taste just like your Mum's that you can easily cook at home

Cost Per Serve
Cost of Material [1] $2.25 -
(Reduced due to economies of scale)

Cost of Labor [2] $0.80 -
(Increase as need more staff)

Cost of Overhead [3] $0.55 -
(Increase as concentrate more on advert)

Total Cost Per Serve $3.60 -
(Reduce as more efficient)

Selling Price $6.00 -
(Retail Price-Increase as not promo stage ends)

Profit per unit $2.40 -
(Increase as cost decrease, selling price up)

Assuming we sell 700 per month, Revenue: $1680
Profit per month:$1680
Early stage of business
Once Established
Activation = do users have a great first experience?

Retention = do users come back?

Measure sales

Measure popularity
Key Metrics
Follow us on Instagram!
Find us on Instagram!
Mum-in-a-meal is a pre-prepared, easy-to-cook, healthy and fresh meal
They are packed with delicious flavours with the ability to mix and match
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