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Timeline of Doctor Who

No description

Michael Buckman

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of Doctor Who

The Beginning
of Doctor Who I have a slight obsession with the British
science fiction television show, Doctor Who.
I own over 40 stories of this series from 1963
to 2010. And this is the timeline of my favorite
TV series. The series started on November
23 1963, with the first episode,
An Unearthly Child, which marked
the beginning of William Hartnell's
four-year run on the series. Here's a show of pictures from
his run on the series from An
Unearthly Child to The Tenth
Planet, where The Doctor
(Hartnell) regenerates into
the form of Patrick Troughton
(the second Doctor) This is a collective "timeline" for the entire series that is comprised of a picture from each episode and the various themes. Enjoy. The original Doctor Who theme
(Hartnell & Troughton) An Unearthly Child The Daleks In the second story the doctors worst enemy appears, the Daleks. The Edge of Destruction Marco Polo The first episode starts in a junkyard in contemporary London and introduces the four characters who were to form the core of the first year's production: Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are concerned about one of their pupils, Susan Foreman, who seems to have a very alien outlook on England. She is precocious, but seems to have strange gaps in her understanding of the world. They have come to her listed address to investigate.
The programme's main prop, the TARDIS, is also introduced, when the teachers hear Susan's voice apparently coming from inside a police box. At the time, such boxes were a fairly common sight on the streets of London, but only police officers held a key to open them. The TARDIS proves to be no ordinary police box: when Ian and Barbara enter, they discover it to be much bigger on the inside than the outside, and furnished with futuristic-looking controls. The time machine retains its outward appearance when it travels through time, which Susan explains as a malfunction in the circuitry that is supposed to adapt its appearance to its surroundings.
Susan lives with her grandfather, the mysterious Doctor, who does not otherwise identify himself. He is a cranky, hostile, suspicious old man who appears to be a fugitive. Fearing that Barbara and Ian will give away the secret of the TARDIS and make life impossible for him in London, he takes the machine to the Stone Age.
In the remaining three episodes, the four become involved in a brutal power struggle within a Stone Age tribe. In "The Cave of Skulls", the group encounters a Paleolithic tribe and are subsequently imprisoned by them in a large cave. In "The Forest of Fear", they are shown to escape from the settlement, but are subsequently intercepted before reaching the TARDIS. They barely escape with their lives by exploitation of Ian's knowledge of how to produce fire, which induces fear and respect in the primitive Stone Age society. The final episode, "The Firemaker", has the group mediating separate factions of the tribe before fleeing successfully to the TARDIS. They travel, seemingly at random, to a new destination; even the Doctor does not know where. The TARDIS's view screen shows a mysterious scene, a petrified forest, which acts as a teaser for the next story. As the time travellers leave their machine, a radiation meter is shown on the console of the machine, unheeded by them, registering "Danger". The Keys of Marinus The Aztecs The Sensorites The Reign of Terror Planet of Giants The Dalek Invasion of Earth In this episode we say goodbye to Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter. The Rescue Here the first hello is said as Viki joins the Doctor, Ian, & Barabra The Romans The Web Planet The Crusade The Chase In this story Steven arrives & Ian and Babara depart. The Time Meddler Galaxy 4 Mission to the Unknown This is the shortest Doctor Who story ever made (one episode), and it doesn't even have the Doctor in it! The Myth Makers This story is Viki's last. The Dalek's Master Plan The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve In this story the Doctor gains a new companion named Dodo. The Ark The Celestial Toymaker The Gunfighters The Savages This is Stevens final story in the series. The War Machines This is where Dodo departs and Ben & Polly arrive. The Smugglers The Tenth Planet This is William Harnell's last episode in Doctor Who & at the end of part 4 the Doctor regenerates into his second form. The Second Doctor The second Doctor was portrayed by Patrick Troughton. He had the role from Power of the Daleks to The War Games and he started out with Ben & Polly as his companions. This the Doctors first encounter with another of his enemies, the Cybermen. Power of the Daleks The Highlanders This episode welcomes the Doctor's highlander companion, Jamie McCrimmon to the show. The Underwater Menace The Moonbase The Macra Terror The Faceless Ones Ben & Polly leave in this story. Evil of the Daleks This story welcomes Victoria Waterfield to the TARDIS. Tomb of the Cybermen The Abominable Snowmen This story features the Yeti, another of the Doctors monster enemies. The Ice Warriors This story also features another enemy, the Ice Warriors. The Enemy of the World Half-way through Troughton's run the theme was changed this theme was used in the Troughton, Pertwee and Baker years. The Web of Fear This story features Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. Who becomes one of the Doctor's companions later on in the series. Fury From the Deep This story marks the end of Victoria's time on the series. The Wheel in Space This story introduces Zoe to the series. The Dominators The Mind Robber The Invasion The Krotons The Seeds of Death The Space Pirates The War Games This Patrick Troughton's last show as well as Jamie's & Zoe's. This marks the end of Doctor Who in black and white. The Third Doctor Jon Pertwee comes into the role with no companions. He lands on earth and begins his exile. His run goes from Spearhead From Space to Planet of the Spiders. Spearhead From Space This story introduces Liz Shaw to the Doctor & brings back Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Silurians Ambassadors of Death Inferno This is Liz's last appearance on the show as a regular character Terror of the Autons This story intoduces Jo Grant as the Doctors companion & the Master as the Doctors new arch enemy. The Mind of Evil This story is only known to be in black and white since the color version was lost. The Claws of Axos Colony in Space The Deamons Day of the Daleks The Curse of Peladon The Sea Devils The Mutants The Time Monster The Three Doctors After the Three Doctors the "Delaware" theme was experimented with and used in some 1973 episodes. Carnival of Monsters Frontier in Space Planet of the Daleks In this episode the Master regenerates for the final time leaving him as a cripple for his thirteenth form. The Green Death This is Jo's final episode. At the end of this episode the Timelords end the Doctors exile. The Time Warrior This story brings the Doctor a new companion, Sarah Jane Smith. This story also brings in a new villain, the Sontarans. Invasion of the Dinosaurs Death to the Daleks The Monster of Peladon Planet of the Spiders This is Jon Pertwee's final episode n which the Doctor regenerates into Tom Baker. The Space Museum The Fourth Doctor Tom Baker starts off with Sarah Jane as his companion, and his run went from Robot to Logopolis. Robot In this episode Harry Sullivan joins the Doctor and Sarah Jane. The Ark in Space The Sontaran Expirement Genesis of the Daleks This story introduces Davros, creator of the Daleks, as a new enemy. Revenge of the Cybermen Terror of the Zygons This is Harry's final show as a regular character, he returns in the Android Invasion for that episode. Planet of Evil Pyramids of Mars The Android Invasion The Brain of Morbius The Seeds of Doom The Masque of Mandragora The Hand of Fear This is Sarah's final story. The Deadly Assassin The Master returns in his crippled form to steal energy from the Eye of Harmony to regenerate again. The Face of Evil In this episode Leela becomes the Doctor's new companion. The Robots of Death The Talons of Weng-Chiang Horror of Fang Rock In this episode we meet the Sontarans' enemy, the Rutans The Invisible Enemy Image of the Fendahl The Sunmakers Underworld The Invasion of Time This is Leela's last story. The Ribos Operation This is the first story in the season that is the Key to Time, which brings in Romana as the Doctor's companion. The Pirate Planet The Stones of Blood The Androids of Tara The Power of Kroll The Armageddon Factor Destiny of the Daleks At the beginning of this episode Romana regenerates. City of Death The Creature From the Pit Nightmare of Eden The Horns of Nimon Shada This is not really part of the story line of Doctor Who being that it was never broadcast but, it is an interesting story none the less. For 1980 they changed the theme again to modernize it. The Howell theme was used in the Tom Baker, Peter Davison & Colin Baker Years The Leisure Hive Meglos Full Circle Adric joins the Doctor and Romana after this adventure. State of Decay Warriors Gate K-9 joins the Doctor in this story. Romana & K-9 leave in this episode. The Keeper of Traken The Master returns to good health in this episode by stealing Tremas's body for himself. Logopolis Nyssa& Tegan join the Doctor in this adventure. In this story Tom Baker leaves the show & the Doctor regenerates into Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor The fifth Doctor is portrayed by Peter Davison, who carries over his companions from Tom. Castrovalva Four to Doomsday Kinda The Visitation Black Orchid Earthshock Adric leaves in this story. Time-Flight Arc of Infinity Snakedance Mawdryn Undead Turlough arrives in this story. Terminus Nyssa departs in this story. Enlightenment The Kings Demons The Doctor gains a robotic friend in this episode, Kamelion The Five Doctors Warriors of the Deep The Awakening Frontios Resurrection of the Daleks Planet of Fire Tegan departs at the end of this adventure. Peri arrives and Turlough departs. The Caves of Androzani This is Peter Davison's final episode in which the Doctor regenerates into Colin Baker. The Sixth Doctor Colin Baker enters the role of the Doctor with Peri as his companion. The Twin Dilemma Attack of the Cybermen Vengeance on Varos Mark of the Rani This story introduces Timelady Rani as a villain. The Two Doctors Timelash Revelation of the Daleks In 1986 the theme was again changed for Colin Baker's final season referred to as Trial of a Timelord The Mysterious Planet Mindwarp This is Peri's final show. Terror of the Vervoids Mel Bush is introduced as the Doctor's new companion in this story. The Ultimate Foe This is Colin Baker's final show. The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy Portrays the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, who inherits Mel as a companion. In 1987, the theme was again changed. Time and the Rani At the Beginning of this episode the Doctor regenerates into his seventh self. Paradise Towers Delta and the Bannermen Dragonfire In this episode Ace arrives and Mel departs. Rememberance of the Daleks Happiness Patrol Silver Nemesis The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Battlefield Ghost Light The Curse of Fenric Survival This is the last seventh Doctor story and Ace's final story. This ended the classic era. Here are some good quotes that give you an idea of each Doctor. The Eighth Doctor The Eighth Doctor was played by Paul McGann. He had the part for one hour in the TV Movie. The Movie theme was new and different, it was only used once. Doctor Who: The TV Movie Near the beginning of the film the seventh doctor regenerates. The Ninth Doctor The ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, took over in 2005 after the nine year break in the series. In 2005 the BBC Murray Gold to remake the theme for the new series. Rose In this episode Rose becomes the Doctor's new companion. The End of the World The Unquiet Dead Aliens of London World War Three Dalek Adam joins the Doctor in this episode. The Long Game Adam betrays the Doctor & leaves in this story. Father's Day The Empty Child Captain Jack joins the Doctor in this story. The Doctor Dances Boomtown Bad Wolf The Parting of the Ways This is Jack's last story as a regular. This is also Christopher Eccleston's final episode. To Be Continued...............
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