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parent Perspectives

No description

Julia Rollins

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of parent Perspectives

Maryann Hill-
21 years old (now 38) woman when she had her only child that is now 16 years old

Julia Hoehner-
71 years old woman who has four children ranging from 45-38

Ashley Johnston-
Mother of two children 1 &5 years old
Effects on their life
physically two of my interviewees experienced weight gain
emotionally all of them opened up to being more loving
socially they were not able to do the same things with friends spending more time on children than going out
financially the interviewees had "just another bill to pay" as Mrs. Hill put it
Satisfactions and disappointments
Joy and happiness were the satisfactions gained by all the women

disappointments of not having the support needed to take care of child financially or emotionally were apart of their experience
Were they prepared?
None of them were prepared
"you can never be prepared enough for children" said Mrs. Hoehner
Why did they become parents?
my interviewees all had different reasons for becoming a parent
1. wasn't planning on becoming parent
2. love for children
3. "My legacy must continue"
Mrs. Johnston says
parent Perspectives
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