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The APA Format

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Jaylene Cuadrado

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The APA Format

The APA Format 6th Edition
What is the APA format?
All fields of study use a particular
for scholarly writing and publication. A
is simply a set of rules that a given field follows to prepare manuscripts and express ideas. Following these rules provides a body of literature that is consistent in form, and is accepted by and familiar to a broad readership of that field. The field of Instructional and Performance Technology uses the style rules of the American Psychological Association (APA).
Typed: Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Left justified
Double space: Even between paragraphs.
Consists of a
title page, body
Every page needs the running head (no more that 50 characters) and page number.
Begning of each paragraph is indented (TAB).

Microsoft Word

How to make your writing better?
Periods and commas are placed inside quotations marks.
Use numerals to express numbers and above.
These - This
They - Their- There
Where - Were - Was
Title Page
Top left hand corner: Running head in all capital letters (no more than 50 characters)
Top right hand corner: Page number
Centered: Title, author's name, name of school.

Remember: everything double spaced
What is a citation
It is basic information you use from a source to support an idea or opinion in a written composition.


Any works mentioned in the body of your paper must be cited. If you use the information without specifying it is a citation it is plagiarism!
Citation rules:
You will need
Name of author or authors.
Name of source.
Year of publication.
Page number.
This is when you explain in your words the information you read and decided to use in your composition. You do not quote directly using the words of the main author.

A recent youtube study states that cats came from space (Cuadrado, 2049)
Cuadrado and Rodríguez state in their work,
Cats: Pets or Evil Overlords?
, that cats came from outer space (2049).
When you quote, you are using the exact words from the source. You do not edit what the author says or explain it in your words.

Less than 40 words: Zombies have spread around the world. They "have been seen more recently throughout Europe and Asia in the last five months" (Negrón, 2014).
More than 40 words: board.
If you are referring to a tittle, always capitalize words of four or more letters.
for titles of works (book, film, videos, etc.)
In case of multiple authors use "and" to join them (only in text).
If there are more than three authors you will only mention them the first time, and then only mention the name of the first author followed by
et al
If you are using a secondary source use, (as cited in Boomerangs, 2001).
If it is from an internet page you will not have a page number, so you must use the number of the paragraph.
Better Citations
What do you need to know?
This will be written on a new page with the word "References" centered at the top of the page.
Only author's last name and initials are provided.
They are listed alphabetically and chronologically.
Every line, except the first one, will be indented.
Capital letters will be present only on the first letter of the title.
Number of authors:
If it has more than one author you will separate them with commas and the last one will be separated by the symbol "&".

Information you need:
Name or names of authors.
Year of publication (parenthesis).
Title of document (in
Number of pages (book-newspaper).
Publishing house and place of publication (book).
Link of page or DOI series. (online).
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