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The class of 6H

this is a presentation on my last year class of grade 6 huebert! In my opion the best year ever!

sammy lawless

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The class of 6H

I Remember
The class of 6H The class of 6H started out with 24 students at the beginning of the year, but by the end of the year there was 26 students....
Daniella Ames, Laura Bajic, Chris MacCarl, Steven Bosnic, Steven Cutler, Jewelia Byker, Jacob Shepherd, Sammy Lawless, Hailey Everingham, Jordan Wedzinga, Zak mcdonell, Emma Shipley, Hanna Puffer, Yiotta Phillipeos, Ben Catapano, Chris Loum, Lucas Lamb, Nick Clark, Nick Revello, Cayden Jack, Chloe Rossi, Skyler Burke, Steph Glover,Carter Taylor, Mason, Dakota Gallant. if you hear that voice in the background it's me ;) I Remember....
All the different opportunities we had across the whole year to show off our talents. Like when Daniella entered a story writing competition, when Jewelia went in battle of the bands, and finally when Chloe was in the yearly talent show.... I remember........ Mr.Huebert, our teacher. Here are somethings about him his favourite sports team is the Dallas Coyboys, he has two sons Josh and Benjamin (ben-JA-men), and one daughter Ava. He was the computer wiz of the school, so he had the first set of school netbooks. he was the nicest, most supportive teacher in the school, not to mention he had a good sence of humor.
going over to a friends house and deciding to do something creative to make that day important , to post a video on you tube like this day.... The Class of 6H
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