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The Ocean Compared to a Cell

No description

Bryce Richardson

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Ocean Compared to a Cell

The Ribosomes of an Ocean
The Ribosomes of an ocean would be the factories where the products and material that is shipped by the cargo ships are made. The products and material would be the proteins.
The Mitochondria of an Ocean
The Mitochondria of an ocean would be the Sun's heat. The heat hits the water and creates thermal energy because of the temp change in the water.
The Vacuole of an Ocean
The Vacuole of an ocean would be the ocean floor and its depths. Many things settle down to the bottom of the ocean.
The Ocean Compared to a Cell
The Cell Membrane of an Ocean
The Cell Membrane of an ocean would be all the sand around it. The sand separates the ocean from everything outside of it.
The Lysosomes of an Ocean
The Lysosomes of an ocean would be all the marine life. Everything gets eaten , and everything eaten is used to make the organisms that eat smaller ones become bigger until they are as big as possible.
The Chromosomes of an Ocean
The Chromosomes of an ocean would be the bodies of fresh water that flow into it. If an ocean is made of the water that flows into it then rivers would be the donors of the "chromosomes" for the replication of cells.
The Cytoplasm of an Ocean
The cytoplasm would be all of the water in the ocean. The water is like the cytoplasm because it is the liquid inside the ocean.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum of an Ocean
The endoplasmic reticulum of the ocean would be the pipes and ships that go over and through the ocean. They transport materials just as ER transports nutrients.
by: Bryce Richardson
The Golgi Body of the Ocean
The Golgi Body of an ocean would be the shipping docks. The docks are where the "proteins" are packaged before being sent to another part of the ocean.
The Nucleus of an Ocean
The nucleus of an ocean would be people. We control much of what happens in the ocean in many different ways such as polluting of even cleaning up the ocean to keep it well.
The Chloroplast of an Ocean
The Chloroplast of an ocean would be all the green plants in the ocean. All the green plants would be ones that absorb sunlight to produce food and energy through photosynthesis.
The Cell Wall of an Ocean
The Cell Wall of an ocean would be the tectonic plates under the ocean. They separate the ocean from the molten mantle underneath.
Block 8
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