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Comparing an Animal Cell to a Restaurant

No description

Noah Brinton

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Comparing an Animal Cell to a Restaurant

Comparing an Animal Cell to a Restaurant. Both the nucleus and the owner of a restaurant control the restaurant/cell. Nucleus-Owner Both the cell membrane and the hosts of a restaurant decide what comes in and leaves the restaurant. Cell membrane-Hosts of restaurant Lysosome break down/changes substances using enzymes like the bus boys clean the tables and break down excess food Lysosome-bus boys The Mitochondria supplies energy to the cell like the power supply provides energy to the restaurant. Mitochondria-Power supply to restaurant Both the Golgi Apparatus and To go meals make things to leave to leave the restaurant/cell. Golgi apparatus-meals to go Endoplasmic reticulum-delivery Both the endoplasmic reticulum and delivery move food/protein to other cells/people Cytoplasm-atmosphere/smells of restaurant Both the cytoplasm and atmosphere
of the restaurant fill the space
and give shape to the cell/restaurant ribosomes-kitchen/chefs Like the ribosomes synthesize protein chefs synthesize food cytoskeleten-structure of building vacuoles-fridge/freezer Both the cytoskeleten and the
structure of the restaurant are the
framework for the cell/restaurant. Both vacuoles and freezers/fridges store things such as energy water
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