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Rizal at the Dominican University of the Philippines

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Nette Libiano

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Rizal at the Dominican University of the Philippines

Chapter 8: Rizal at the Dominican University of the Philippines
Enrollment at the University of Santo Tomas
April 1877, Rizal at 16 years old, entered the University of Santo Tomas.
2 reasons why he enrolled Philosophy and Letters
his father wanted to pursue it
he was still uncertain as to what career to pursue
Rizal studied Cosmology, Metaphysics, Theodicy, and History of Philosophy
Role of the youth in nation building
first testimony of his nationalism
in this literary piece, he clearly referred to the Philippines as his motherland.
Challeng to the youth: to cultivate their talents in the arts; to develop their knowledge of the sciences; to look forward and break their chain of bondage.
El Consejo de los Dioses
this play was Rizal's entry in the literary cotest of 1880
an allegory in praise of Cervants as co equal of Homer and Virgil
Student Activism At UST
displayed his leadership in students activism when he was pursuing Philosophy and Medicine at UST.
Filipino students were calle "INDIo, CHONGO" while Spanish student are called "KASTILA, BANGUS"
organized a secret society called Companerismo, whose members are called companions of Jehu
Academic Performance At UST
Rizal's academic performance at UST was not comparable with how he fared in Ateneo.
Why then Rizal performed poorly at UST?
Rizal did not enjoy his schoolig at UST
His unhappiness can be traced to three factors: 1. the hostility of Dominican professors to Rizal: 2. racial discrimination against Filipino students; 3. obsolete and repressive method of instruction at UST.( Zaide & Zaide, 1999)
Three factors that could really explain his below par acadeic performnce at UST: 1. Medicine, not Rizal's real vocation; 2. Dissatisfaction with the Dominican system of education; 3. the exciting distraction of youth.
Exciting distraction of Youth
Segunda Katigbak
Rizal become infatuated with her, he visited her often in her boarding house.
when he learned that Segunda was to be married, he turned his eyes on other women.
Leonor Valenzuela and Leonor Rivera
After learnign that Leonor Valenzuela was already engaged with another man, he concentrated his efforts on Leonor Rivera, his first cousin

Junto al Pasig
one act play written by Rizal at the request of the Jesuits and was staged at Ateneo, in connection with the celebration of the feast day of Immaculate Concepcion
a propechy of 50 years of revolution, invasion after invasion, defeat subjugation and civil tumult
A Filipinas
sonnet written by Rizal in 1880 to not only praise the Philippines for its beauty but to encourage Filipino artist to glorify the country through their art works.
First Taste of Spanish Brutality
Rizal had his first tasre of Spanish brutality during his first summer vacation at Calamba aftr his freshman year at UST.
He passed by a lieutenant of the guardia civil but failed to recognized the latter
insulted, the lieutenant slashed Rizal's back with sword
Rizal reported to General Primo deRivera about the incident, noting positve came out from his complaint, considering that he ws an indio
Decision to go to Europe
Rizal decided to leave the country for Europe. This was due in part by his disappointment with his schooling at the UST.
real purposes of Rizal's voyage to Europe: to make a name for himself in the realm of journalism; to observe and study European society; to prepare himself for the task of liberating the Filipinos from Spanish tyranny.
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