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Ryans Class

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Energy

Types of energy by Mrs. Ryan's class!!!!
Sound Energy
Thermal Energy
Chemical Energy
Electrical Energy
Thermal energy is energy that comes from heat. For example a hot cup of tea has thermal energy.
when a object hits the ground it is converted to heat and sound energy by the impact

The table has atoms inside of it,and inside of the atoms is chemical energy.
A ordinary flower has chemical energy is inside of it.
Sound energy is movement through waves. The sound goes through air that makes it vibrate. It has the most less energy than any other energy forms.
As an object goes up the kinetic energy decreases and gravity increases
Thermal energy can go through heat waves. Thats another way thermal energy works.
Gravitational Energy
When a object is moving, it is kinetic.
Electrical energy is being transferred through a wire to a light bulb.
Thermal energy is also kinetic energy because if you add something cold to thermal energy it will start to cool down.
Kinetic Energy
For example
Stored Chemical Energy.
A example for sound energy is a drum. Molecules transfer through the ear drum of sound, like drum sticks can be tranfered into sound.
Electrons move through the wire.
Electrical energy is moving through the rope to the person's hand.He felt it through his body because of the electrical energy the lightning bolt transferred to the key.
If two balls are on a table, it is potential, but when it falls down it is kinetic because it is moving. When it hits the ground (not moving), it's back to potential because it is not moving.
Electrical Energy is electrons being transferred through something.
Another example
Sound energy is another example of kinetic energy because sound energy makes noise through the movement of waves, so it's kinetic.
The bigger the object is the longer takes to heat and lose heat.
Chemical Reaction

Chemical Energy is stored in atoms and molecules which means Chemical
Energy is in everything.
gravitationl enrgey and kinetic energy are almost th same
hydrogen and oxygen molecules combine to form water
All objects have potential Gravitational Energy.
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