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My School Day

No description

Ally Brown

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of My School Day

By: Ally Brown
In Mr.Pasad's first period technology class.
My School Day
Third period, Science, Mrs. Williams. We are learning about climate and currents, the most interesting thing is when we do the experiment, this class is a fun class but you still need to work hard.
Mr. Lloyd is also teaching a social studies class that I'm in . In this class we are learning about Ancient Empires.
My favorite part of the day is when I'm home from school and have a king's fest, which is just my after school snack. And when I'm hanging out with my aunt because their is a baby whom is my favorite and he loves me.
6:28 my alarm goes off , time to get up, shower, and get ready for my day. Then my mom takes my little sister to Chinook about 8:00 then she takes me to work with her because she works at Alki!!!
Third period, Mr. Williams, P.E, right now we are actually in Health learning about the system of the body. The interesting thing about P.E is how us 6th graders have to play games with the 7th and 8th graders, this class is a class where you can get a good grade just by trying your best.
Second Period
This Is The End
Third Period
Getting Ready
Fourth Period
Fourth period Mr. Brown is teaching my class Math right now, we are learn properties of a circle, circumference, and area. In Math the most interesting thing is all the different formulas they are all different and make no sense.
Fifth Period
Fifth period is still Math and in Math another interesting thing with is how with Math you do understand how to do it you just do. Personal this is my favorite class mostly because I'm pretty good st math.
6th Period
Seventh Period
Seventh Period
In Social Studies the interesting things are what happened in the History. This class is a class where if you do your best and work your hardest then you'll get a good grade.
First period, Mr. Pasad the subject is Technology, Technology is my elective or rotation class right now. We are learning how to use prezi, interestingly we now know how to use Photoshop, I like this class because we get to use the computers and electronics and get to kind of play with them to figure it out.
6th Period
6th period is Language Arts with Mr.Lloyd. We are currently learning about Mummies from one the books we read as a class Mummies 101.
The interesting thing about this class is the books we read in class they are unlike any books we read in elementary school. This class is a class where you have to work hard and do your best to get a good grade unlike the other one period classes.
After helping my aunt, its time to go home finish homework, and get ready for practice and leave. Late at night home is in sight get back eat dinner and go to bed.
This Is The End
Okay this time this is the last last destination and that's the conclusion of my day. Just to top it off here's one of the other best parts of my day getting to school and see my friends and going through the day bit by bit with them.
Around 3:45 the bus drops me off at my bus stop and my friends and we get off the bus and walk home. Then we(the groups of kids that walk home off the bus with me) go to my aunt's house and help her babysit and do homework.
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