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Why did Buddhism Spread So Successfully? PART 2

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Why did Buddhism Spread So Successfully? PART 2

Why did Buddhism Spread So Successfully? PART 2
For each number, explain what cause of Buddhism from the packet each image represents.
VP - Marketing
"Get to Know You Activity"
1. Every person will get one slip of paper.

2. When we are ready, you will find a partner.
-Read your SOCIAL or ECONOMIC reason.
-Share the inference that you wrote.
1. Read "Economic" and "Social" sections of your packet.

In a 4-6 sentence paragraph, SWBAT explain why Buddhism spread while citing at least
2 economic reasons
2 social reasons
while using complete sentences.
Use your BUDDHISM packet from Friday.
Do Now - Monday, February 8, 2016
Today's Learning Objective
Today is Chinese New Year!
Mini Discussion
Which type of cause (Religious, Political, Economic, or Social) might have helped Buddhism spread the MOST?
2 most important reasons why Buddhism spread
-Why those reasons
are important OR
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