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Take It Home: The journey to a great idea

Design Thinking | Final Assignment

Marianna Ferraz

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Take It Home: The journey to a great idea

Take It Home: The journey to a great idea
My experiences in the Design Thinking Process

Empathy and Define
At first I was a little insecure with my ability to define and solve problems. It was somewhat difficult for me to understand that we all have this ability and actually only liberate it when you really understand and trust in that capacity. It wasn't easy to prepare myself for the empathy work, I looked by several people to interview and many didn't have the time or interest to help me. Until I finally found people willing to collaborate and could generate elements in common between them so I tried to understand the real problem that was happening in those reports.
I was desperate with the 50 ideas applied to the problem defined at first but I tried to be calm and concentrate at this stage without fear of failure. I spent a whole day thinking of ways to fix the problem, some too obvious, other such strange that I thought impossible to be performed, but in the end those same ideas ended up being the most valid for my problem and I was able to adapt them as best in order to complete my work. In the end everything worked out.
Prototype and Test
So I finally arrived at an important stage of the Design Thinking course. I tested my best ideas to see if it really worked or not. I didn't needed to change my pre-defined problem. But I felt that even my best ideas had suffered various problems and had generated strong criticism with my stakeholders (positive and negative ones). And it just made me see how the prototype is essential for us to see faithfully what is actually happening in the whole process from the original idea. In summary, it made me visualize the problem and the best way to improve it.
With the feedback from the people I interviewed, I could to capture their own ideas and improve the solutions I had initially set. This final stage is interesting because after we had initiated the whole prototyping tests people end up finding themselves what works or not. I was very proud to come to a final conclusion and I know I learned a lot with this whole challenge. I'm sure that I'm now better able to develop my skills and mindsets and I know that we are all able to do that. Including you who are now reading this prezi. Be inspired!
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