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3D Printing (working title)

No description

Moa Gröndal

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of 3D Printing (working title)

3D Printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file
Manufacturing and distribution
The possibilities of 3D-printing
Customization of products
Greater flexibility and detail - no more one-fits-all!
International design - local production
Design is made available to everyone digitally, and produced locally.
Minimizing economical and ecological costs
Potential to limit expenses of storage and transportation of goods.
International design - local production
Minimizing ecological and economical costs
Limits need for inventories

Downloading 10%
Cody Wilson

- Bill of Rights
- Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act

- self manufractured firearm
- open source designs
- available to print on any 3D-printer
The 3D Gun

- Prosthetics
- Models for surgical practice
- Human tissue
Medical usage:
Current restrictions in the USA:
The Future:
- Possible to print in other materials
- A universal access
- A spread of 3D-printers
over 100,000 people shot every year
3D Scanner
Each product can be uniquely fitted with no extra cost
3D-Printing -
the Impact of technology on society
Introducing the technology of 3D-printing
The potential to change the way we design, manufacture and distribute goods
Fields of possibility: medicine
Challenges: gun control and intellectual property
Complexity is free
It is possible to create complex shapes that cannot be produced by any other means
A relocation of production?
Move production to where people live, instead of moving people to production!
Moving production "back" from low wage countries
International design - local production
One factory making all parts - no need for subcontractors
One factory producing multitudinous goods
Easy to adapt to changing markets
- Decreasing number of employees doing manual labor
Reduces material waste
Decreased energy use
Minimal use of harmful chemicals
Minimizes carbon footprint
- Can you think of any other possible positive or negative impacts that 3D technology may have on society?
The Printing Press
The Steam Engine
The Internet
The 3D Printer
Historical parallels
Technological breakthroughs that changed society
- The digitalization of craft
Elimination of shipment
Additive manufacturing
Lowering thresholds for entrepreneurs
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