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Satellite Maps

No description

Arden O

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Satellite Maps

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Satellite Map
A weather satellite is a machine that orbits Earth and takes pictures of the atmosphere. A satellite image sometimes appears on your T.V. -- maybe on the weather channel or the Today show or ABC News!
What can you infer from satellite images?
Satellite images help you predict the weather because, it helps you tell if bad weather is going on around you so you can either take shelter or you can have a wonderful day outside !
Meteorologist can get information from a satellite image with clouds that way they know when to evacuate or if its going to be a clear beautiful day. If its a light shade, usually it means its going to be a clear day or cloudy day. If the sky has dark clouds it can mean there will be a storm.
Getting started on satellite maps
Questions to ask yourself.
Why do we get up every morning and we find a satellite image on the news?
Why do we get satellite images?
Questions to ask yourself
Why do people use satellite map data to predict the weather instead of guessing?
Questions to ask yourself.
Can you do an experiment on how to make an actual Satellite?
Are some satellites dangerous?
Yes, actually some are. Once a satellite from space came crashing down from space and smashed a car. Satellites can also explode in space.
Do fossil fuels operate on a satellite?
Yes, most satellites do run on fossil fuels.The fossil fuel helps send the pictures the satellite took. Once there was actually a satellite that was powered by 34,000 whats of power.
We get satellite images from a from a satellite in space taking pictures of Earth so we know what to wear or what the tempture is or if we need to take shelter if there is a tornado or an earth quake is in the area.
Questions to ask yourself
Do you think satellite images show exactly correct information.
By: Arden O.and Arianna B.
Why didn't NASA just send astronauts instead of satellites?
NASA sent a satellite in a rocket up because if we send up an astronaut it would be to much money for rocket fuel and there wouldn't be enough oxygen.
Questions to ask yourself
What do you know about satellite images with color for weather?
Questions to ask yourself
Do satellites have lights, if so do they blink when they take a picture?
Do satellite maps show the shade of the clouds?
Yes they do. Satellite images show the shade of the cloud. So meteorologist know what type of weather it is going to be.
Can satellites move?
Yes they can. Satellites move around the world taking pictures of the forecast.
Can Meteorologist learn by the shade of the clouds?
We hope you learned something new you didn,t know about satellite maps. Will you look at them a different way now?
Arden O.and Arianna B.
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