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Choose your own Adventure

No description

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Choose your own Adventure

Choose your own Adventure
Story Starts
Annie is in titan form and you are in human form. You go for the neck since its the weak spot. She sees you and covers her neck where you can't kill her
Begin Story
Attack on Titan Ver.
Shingeki No kyojin
Inside a 50ft wall, under a tree you wake up after a nightmare. You walk into your house. Your mom and dad and best friend are home. To be continued...
A titan called a "Colossal titan" broke the wall that protects the people from harm. The other Titans came into the wall. Chaos everywhere!
You see the titans coming after your friends and everyone else. A titan destroys your house. Your mother is crushed by the building but still alive. The titan is coming.
What do you do?
A: Take a maneuver gear and risk your life to save your mom!
B: Stay with your mother and die with her :(
C:Take your mother's advice and run to live another day.
You take the maneuver gear and launch yourself to the titan with swords in each hand. The titan grabs you then eats you
You stay with your mother and try to save her. But it was too late. the titan got your mom and killed her.
Story continues
You made it out alive. You will never forget what they did to her. You join a group called the survey corps. You see a titan that looks different from all the others. Then you realize it was Annie that was the titan who killed your team. You can turn into a titan as well.
Dead End
Dead End
Get Annie back in her human form.
Attack her in her titan form but lose and get captured.
Trick Annie into a underground cave to get answers.
You bite your thumb and turn into a titan. You chase after her, but she has more fighting skills than you and then get captured by you.
Once you leave Annie to be herself in human form. You try to trick her by going to an underground cave, so she can't transform. She sees through your trap and transforms. you beat her at the end once you turn into a titan.
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