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Poo-Pourri Campaign Analysis

No description

Yasmine Nagy

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Poo-Pourri Campaign Analysis

-The idea came to
Suzy Batiz
after sharing a bathroom with her husband who always left the it smelling like
“rotting road kill"

- After trying multiple formulas, she finally created an effective spray that eliminated the smell completely and called it

Origin of Poo-Pourri

- The ad that was uploaded on You Tube in September 2013 used women as a primary focus and source of humor to attract
viewers. (
9 million views in 2 months

- Ad agency was
Harmon Brothers
they thought they should target
self-conscious women
whose greatest fear
is having to go no. 2 when not at

- Though women were the primary focus, the product was successful enough to create other products for
men, baby diapers, shoes, and even dogs.
- They used the question,
“how do you make the world believe that your poop does not stink? Or in fact that you never poop at all?”

Main Marketing Strategie
Social Media
Blog Outreach
(19 m views)
In a single day:
-1 in 14 people shared the
Call to action:
to their channel.
- Visit their
- Promoting
new products on fb & Twitter.

Success of the Campaign
The buzz created was enough to grab the attention of online magazines & newspapers.
Positive Responses
Appeal For Broader Audiences Through Online Advertising
Escalating Online Sales
Campaign Analysis
Advertising Strategy
Expanding The Product's Variety
Visuals & Language
"So whether you need to pinch a loaf at work"
"Cut a rope at a party"
"Or lay a brick at your lover's"
"Subtle scent of a 300-cow dairy farm"
Contradiction between her appearance and language used.
Bringing back the elegance of the 60's with this lady-like appearance.
She is dressed in aqua electric blue and the background is dim in comparison to attract more attention to her.
Trap a crap
Daisy Doo
No. 2
Santa Poo
Using Humor To Name Other Products
Although the ad is using women as a target, the product is suitable for both genders.
Gaining the viewers' trust
Why the ad could be controversial
At first glance, the ad seems sexist because of her typical housewife appearance.
It is true that the majority of women are more self conscious about the smell of poop than men, and instead of reducing the feeling of embarrassment, this ad highlights and promotes the ideology making women feel they have more to hide.
They make it a big deal for women to go no. 2 although it is human nature.
By: Chequinah

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