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Looking for alaska

No description

jackie sullivan

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Looking for alaska

Issue essay
The colonel, Alaska, and I are pretty inseparable. One night when we were all just hanging out, Alaska kissed me. After Alaska and I kissed she promised it was to be continued, but later that night Alaska ran into our room hysterically crying. She told us she need help getting off campus so we distracted the teachers and she was gone. The next morning the whole school was called for an assembly. At this assembly the school informed us that Alaska was dead. Gone just like that. It was all our faults, we let her leave. She lied to me, it was never going "to be continued" and I can't live with that. All I want to know is what happened and why, was it me? These are questions that I'll go my whole life wondering. The Colonel and I are depressed, we decided to go over the case and try to find answers ourselves because everyone else seemed to have given up. After months of investigating we stopped, there was no logical explanation for what happened so why were we still searching. Takumi later told us that he also saw Alaska that night, she told him she forgot the anniversary of her mothers death and every year on that date she puts flowers on her mothers grave. That was my explanation, Alaska was angry, upset, drunk, confused, and driving. Who lets a girl drive mentally and physically unstable? I will always feel as though Alaska's death was my fault but I have to move on, it's what she would've wanted.
Relationship/ life Issues
I guess you could say I've had some interesting things happen to me at the Creek thus far. On my first night here I got thrown into the lake at midnight, I face a daily feud with the spoiled rich kids (also known as the weekday warriors), plan pranks against the spoiled rich kids, and get pranked by the spoiled rich kids. Alaska set me up with our friend Lara but we don't really click, I love a girl in a commited relationship, and I remain loving a girl even after she died.
Reality check
A problem many characters in this novel have to put up with is teen death. Once Alaska dies none of the kids know how to cope with the pain they are suffering from. In Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt's "Helping Teenagers Cope With Grief" he explains how thousands of teenage children lose friends, family, or loved ones all the time. Dr. Wolfelt says, "The very nature of these deaths often results in a prolonged and heightened sense of unreality". This is exactly how Pudge and the Colonel feel, Pudge even exclaims, "She's not dead. She's alive. She's alive somewhere." Pudge tries desperately to convince himself that Alaska is not dead, Pudge doesn't feel as though her death was real, much like Dr. Wolfelt's claim. Dr. Wolfelt also discusses how teen years tend to be very difficult due to all of the changes teenagers face. Teens are very fragile because of all stress they carry around and death can be particularly devastating in this period.
Protagonist Profile
Hi, my names Miles, ever since I've gotten to Culver Creek I go by Pudge. I'm seventeen years old and just over six feet, I'm also super skinny and I have short sandy brown hair. Back home I didn't have many friends, but all that has changed since I've gotten to the creek. Luckily when I got here I was roomed with a really cool guy named Chip Martin (also known as The Colonel) who showed me all the ropes and introduced me to several people. My parents are awesome and so supportive of everything I do, so, I make sure to call them every Sunday for a quick catch up. I really love Culver Creek, it's the first time I feel like I belong somewhere and am part of something other than myself.
Looking For Alaska

I Go to Seek A Great Perhaps
BY: John Green

The novel Looking for Alaska begins with Miles Halter, a skinny, lanky, outcast from Florida who embarks on an incredible journey. Miles leaves his hometown and decides to attend his father's former boarding school, Culver Creek, in Alabama. Going into this school Miles has no expectations all he knows is that he is "Going to seek a great perhaps". At school, Miles makes incredible friends who quickly decide to give him the nickname "Pudge". One of his new friends, whose name is Alaska, is a beautiful girl with a crazy personality. For the first time in his life, Pudge has friends. Pudge feels as though he finally fits in and he could not be happier. As time passes, Miles falls in love with Alaska, who, unfortunately for him, has a boyfriend. After months of hiding his love and affection for her, they kiss. Pudge is thrilled that Alaska finally feels the same way, but that feeling comes to an abrupt halt when he receives traumatic news that changes him forever. Alaska was driving a vehicle extremely intoxicated, got in a car crash, and died. Pudge and his friends, drowning in disbelief, search for answers to help them understand this devastating incident. Over time, the kids learn that they must overcome this loss and move on with their lives regardless of the pain they feel.
Wolfelt, Alan D. "Helping Teenagers Cope With Grief."
Pudge/Miles Halter!
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Alaska young
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Bright green
Height: 5'5"
Chip/the colonel
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7"

CReative piece
Creative piece
Ellen Interview
Miles' closing letter
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