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Boston Pizza

Franchise Information

Sara Rupert

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Boston Pizza

Mr. Konopaski Boston Pizza Characteristics of the Franchise Canada's #1 casual dining brand
340+ locations across the country
Canadian owned and operated
offers a sports bar and casual dining Costs Start up cost
Franchise fees
management fees
$1.1mill Royalties
7% paid on gross foods sales & an additional 2.5-3% paid to their national co-op advertising fund 7 week training program for new franchisees and their restarutant management team Assistance received from the franchisee/franchisor They will guide you through the application
process if the lending requirements are met
annual franchisee conference Interesting facts Boston Pizza started in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964
Annually serves over 40mill guests
In 2009, they made more than $848mill
One of canada`s best managed companies since 1993 References www.bostonpizza.com/en/franchising
www.freefranchisedocs.com/boston-pizza-UFOC.html Reasons for buying the Franchise
same store sales growth (SSSG), measures the
growth of stores that have been open
for more than 2 years
Boston Pizza`s SSsG has averaged over 4.9%
over the past 10 years Disadvantages & Problems Not all customers are impressed or have a good experience with the service or food at Boston Pizza They charge $350/employee per day at on-site training Boston Pizza charges $100 per attendee to cover the cost of course materials
the franchisee must pay travel & living expenses along with employee wages and also the initial training program Training Summary & Conclusion with many locations across the country,
Boston Pizza offers a unique atmosphere with
both sports bar and casual dining
the restaurant is financially stable and
attracts a lot of customers
not all customers are pleased at all times
7 week training plan for franchisees and managment team serves over 40mill annually
Boston Pizza foundation has raised &
donated $10.5mill + Start up cost
Franchise fees
Management fees
$1.1mill Assistance received by guiding you through applications and holding an annual franchisee conference "You`re among friends" A foundation was started called the Boston Pizza foundation in 1990
Raised & donated $10.5mill +
supports national, local & global non-profit organizations, which
improves the heatlh & well being of children and their families

Organizations include:
- the heart & stroke foundation of Canada
-kids help phone By Sara Rupert & Jenna Closs

Mr. Konopaski

BBI20 the restaurant is financially stable
attracts a lot of customers due to the menu & atmosphere of the restaurant
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