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RightTouch Transfer Functionality

May, 2010: This presentation introduces agents to new RightTouch transfer functions.

Touch Commerce

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of RightTouch Transfer Functionality

RightTouch Transfer
Functionalities A new RightTouch enhancement will now allow us to transfer chats! Customers can be transferred to a different channel and if enabled, even a specific agent Note: Transfer functionality is enabled by channel. Once enabled the transfer button will appear above the stagnant conversation box right next to the escalate button =) Clicking the Transfer button will launch the new Transfer and Conference window. This window will ask that you populate two fields Select an approved business channel from the dropdown list. The dropdown will display all channels eligible for transfer. #1 In the future we’ll have the ability to transfer based on agent attributes. An attribute is similar to an agent certification or specialty.
Example: Phones: Blackberry, Insurance: Auto and Home, TV: Sports #2 If enabled this will allow you to specifically select an agent within the business channel you selected. All available agents will be displayed within the dropdown menu. Click the reset button to reset your transfer criteria and start over. Now we’ll need to enter a brief reason for transferring the chat. The disposition window will launch immediately after clicking transfer. While the other agent dispositions, the chat is simultaneously routed to the receiving agent. Notice the notes from the previous agent have been placed into the transcript as system text. This is not visible to the customer! These notes will be passed to the receiving agent and should explain what they’re expected to assist with. Once you're done just click the transfer button at the bottom of the Transfer and Conference window Once the transfer has been completed everything will function as usual. Once the transfer has been completed everything will function as usual.
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