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How a Cell is Like a Death Star

See title.

Addison Zhou

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of How a Cell is Like a Death Star

THE DEATH STAR Parts of the Death Star The Command Sector is like the Nucleus because they both control internal activities and functions. The Command Office is like the Golgi Apparatus
because they both control transport of materials in the cell/Death Star. The Outer Hull is like the
Cell Wall because they both
support and protect the cell. Command Office (Residents) The residents of the Death Star are like the Ribosomes because they both populate the cell and are scattered throughout it. The Interior of the Death Star The Superlaser is like the vesicles because they
both transport materials outside the cell, either
a giant laser beam or waste products. The Hypermatter Reactor is like the
Mitochondria because they both
break down substance to use as energy,
either sugar molecules or stellar fuel
bottles. The Quadanium Steel is like the Cytoplasm
because they are both what the cell
is primarily made up of and they
both support the cell. Darth Vader is like the chromosomes
because they both contain the information
that the cell/Death Star needs to function. Storage Room 3181 is like the Vacuole because they both store excess material. Garbage Compactor 3263827 is like the Lysosome
because they both break down large material into
smaller material. The Death Star Central Core is like the Cytoskeleton because they both provide structure and support for the
cell/Death Star. The Hangar Bays are like the Cell Membrane
because they regulate what goes in and out of the cell/ Death Star. The Communication Center is like the Endoplasmic Reticulum because they both control the movement of materials through the cell/Death Star.
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