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Present Tense

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Afeefa zia

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of Present Tense

Thank You For Your Time!!
Simple Present
Unchanging Situations
If a situation is new or temporary, use the Present Continuous
Fixed Arrangements
They are like future schedules, timetables, and fixed plans that are expressed through Simple Present.
Present Tense
What is Present Tense?
Used to Describe an action that is regular, normal or true.
Unchanging Situations
General Truths
Fixed Arrangements
Simple Present does not express actions happening now.
Describes the state of being
4 Present Tense Forms:
Present Continuous
Present Simple
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Describing Habits:
To describe habits you can use:
'Will' as in: Lisa will support your team tomorrow.
'Would' as in: They would do something bad to you.
It rains each winter
The boy walks to school each morning
Give Some Examples.
General Truths
General Truth expresses facts that are always true or events that always happen.
The President of USA is Donald Trump
Earth is a planet orbiting around the Sun
Qatar is rich with Oil fields.
Give some Examples
Towmoorow school starts at 7:30am.
Ben plans to buy a watch on Thursday.
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