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Bio 20

No description

Jax Sumogat

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Bio 20

what izzit?
GONORRHEA "the clap"
-it is a sexually transmitted infection
-caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae
-grows in warm and moist areas







fallopian tubes

who are at risk???
- people who have had gonorrhea or other STIs in the past
- anyone who has a new or multiple sexual partners
- anyone who doesn't use a male condom correctly
- sex workers
- drug users
how is it passed?
- having sex with an infected person
“having sex” means anal, vaginal, or oral sex
- can be transmitted via fluids
e.g. an untreated mother to her baby during childbirth

***People who have had gonorrhea and have been treated may get infected again if they have sexual contact with a person infected with gonorrhea
* ejaculation does not necessarily have to occur in order to transmit the bacteria
* 20% of men that have intercourse with women infected with gonorrhea, get gonorrhea
* 50% of women that have intercourse with men infected with gonorrhea, get gonorrhea
le symptoms...
MEN: within 14 days
*some men with gonorrhea may have no symptoms at all
- discharge (yellow/white/green) from or pain inside the penis
- pain or burning while passing urine
- painful or swollen testicles
WOMEN: within 10 days
*often mild and can be mistaken for a bladder or vaginal infection
- pain or burning when passing urine
- vaginal discharge that is yellow or sometimes bloody
- bleeding between menstrual periods
- heavy bleeding with periods
- pain during sex
If secretions infected with gonorrhea come into contact with the throat, eye, or rectum, both men and women may have symptoms of:

*Sore throat
*Rectal pain
*Rectal discharge
*Rectal bleeding
other symptoms!!!
other symptoms!!!
if secretions infected with gonorrhea come into contact with the throat, eye, or rectum, both men and women may have symptoms of:

*Sore throat
*Rectal pain
*Rectal discharge
*Rectal bleeding
*there is an antibiotic called "Generic Amocicillin" that is used to cure Gonorrhea

!!! But many strains of gonorrhea bacteria are becoming resistant to some common types of antibiotics. So if the symptoms persists it is best to change to a higher degree of medication.
back to the sitch...
what would be the effects to the workplace?
a. Problems in manpower/employees

b. Transaction delays/problems

c. Reputation of the company
what should they do?
1. Fire and Hire

2. Hold anti STD seminars

3. Condom Bowls

4.Monthly medical report
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