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Nathan Cunningham Giovanni Tirado Logan Terry

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Nathan Cunningham Giovanni Tirado Logan Terry

Medal of Honor
Michael, Murphy
Adams, Lucian
Bernard, Fisher

Michael, Murphy
Adams, Lucian
Bernard, Fisher
Bernard Francis Fisher was a member of the U.S Air force and the first to receive the Air force medal of honor .On
march 10th, 1966, when a fellow airman crash landed , Bernard Francis Fisher goes down to rescue the fellow
airman. Airplane debris was everywhere, making the trip down very dangerous.
Michael, Murphy showed patriotism by loving his country so much he would die for another in his country.
Michael, Murphy showed sacrifice by climbing up to the top of a cliff to call for a helicopter while under heavy fire. He died doing this.
Michael, Murphy showed valor by showing enough courage to die for his fellow soldiers just to save them.
Michael, Murphy showed honor by not worrying about himself but the safety of his commrads by dying while calling for a helicopter.
Rank: Lieutenant
Organization: U.S. Navy
Born: May 7, 1976 in Smithtown, N.Y.Departed: Yes (06/28/2005)
Place / Date: Near Asadabad, Afghanistan, 28 June 2005
Michael Murphy fought in Afghanistan
and died calling in for a helicopter to save
his fellow soldiers.
Adams Lucian didn't give up while
fighting in a war while losing soldiers
he kept pushing forward and killed many enemy soldiers.
Rank: Staff SergeantOrganization: U.S. Army
Company: Division: 30th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division
Place / Date: Near St. Die, France, 28 October 1944

Rank: Major
Organization: U.S. Air Force
Company: Division: 1st Air Commandos
Born: 11 January 1927, San Bernardino,
Date of Issue: 01/19/1967
Place / Date: Bien Hoa and Pleiku, Vietnam, 10 March 1966
Adams, Lucian showed sacrifice by pushing
forward through heavy fire to stop the enemies.
Bernard, Fisher showed sacrifice by going back
for a pilot who's plane was shot down.
Albert, Lucian showed honor by pushing forward to save his commrads from enemy fire and holding his position no matter the circumstance.
Bernard, Fisher showed honor by being selfless and went back for a pilots who's plane was shot down.
Adams, Lucian showed valor by pushing forward and holding his ground with lots of courage.
Bernard, Fisher showed valor by showing enough courage to go and get down a shot down pilot.
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