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Rights and Responsibilities in The Middle Ages

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Zaghum Khalil

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Rights and Responsibilities in The Middle Ages

Rights and Responsibilities in The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages were a hard time for some people, while they were not so hard for others. There were many bloody battles, but those that survived were honored. There were not many other times in history like The Middle Ages.
Land was the basis of wealth in the Middle Ages. The more land someone had, the wealthier they were. Kings would give land to nobles in exchange for services. The nobles would then distribute that land to people who served them.
Kings and Queens
Kings and queens had complete power in The Middle Ages. They also distributed land to nobles in exchange for services. Kings and Queens were treated with great respect in The Middle Ages.
Knights were the warrior elites of the middle ages. They served kings and queens in exchange for land. Knights had to have very good manners and treat people well.
Not all of these classes were equal, but they all played a big part in The Middle Ages.
Nobles come right after kings and queens when it comes to wealth. They distribute land to knights and even other nobles in exchange for services.
Peasants and Serfs
Peasants and serfs lived on the land that nobles owned. Peasants and serfs had to work the land to be able to live on the nobles land.
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