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Grooming Etiquette

No description

Boo Xiuyi

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Grooming Etiquette

1 banana
1 tablespoon of olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or argan oil
Put ingredients in a blender and blend till complete paste. Add some flour if paste is too runny.
Separate hair into 3-5 sections.
Apply mask to each sections from roots to end.
Place a shower cap over hair and keep on for 30 minutes.
Rinse out, shampoo and condition as usual.
Foods to eat for healthy hair
Protein, Vitamin D, Omega-3

Omega-3, Biotin, Vitamin E, Copper

Zinc, Protein

Sweet potatoes
Beta carotene(Vitamin A)

Zinc, Iron

Iron, Beta carotene, Folate, Vitamin C

Foods to eat for healthy hair
Protein, Iron, Zinc,Biotin
Greek yoghurt
Protein, Vitamin B5(Pantothenic Acid-often seen on hair care product labels), Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Protein, Zinc, Iron,Vitamin B

2. Laundry sorting squats / doorframe dusting squats
When you are sorting the laundry basket out hold a squat as you do it. Also, each time you work the duster down the side of the doorframes squat with it. It’s better for your back than bending over….and better for your butt!
Good Hair Habits
Strategy for normal hair
When season changes, adjust your shampoo.

Alternate days you shampoo as shampooing everyday would make your hair dry.

Try a hair mask once every week or forthnight to nourish and protect your hair.

Grooming Etiquette
Achieving a Healthy and Attractive Appearance with Natural Methods
Help attain a better skin tone, better and healthier feature on your face.

Help to achieve a slim and build body so that you will look better when you put on clothes and get a better appearance.

Skin Types :





Grooming Etiquette
Achieving a Healthy and Attractive Appearance with Natural Methods
Your skin isn’t producing enough natural oil to keep your skin feeling hydrated & moist.

Tight feeling in your face after cleansing.

Feel the need to use a thick moisturizer, as your skin soaks product up quickly.

Pores are minimal.

You look slightly aged & show signs of wrinkling before your peers.


The most common of skin types, show signs of multiple conditions.

Oily T-zone.

Can show signs of dryness in some areas, usually cheeks & forehead.

Oily :
You have a shine to your appearance.

Your pores are quite visible.

Break-outs are common.

You feel the need to blot of reapply make up during the day.

The skin is producing far too much natural oil.

The 5 Biggest Face-Washing Mistakes

Picking the Wrong Product

Right cleanser should completely remove dirt, makeup, and grime

Find one that does the job and is neither too gentle nor too harsh .
Overdoing It

Washing once or twice a day is good
Overdoing it will cause an overproduction of face oils.

Giving your skin a break from the cycle of products is healthy from time to time.

Not Rinsing Well Enough

Skimping on rinsing leads to residue build-up, which can clog pores and dry out skin.

Most commonly neglected spots:
The jawline
So show them some love !

Towel Rubbing

Pat, don’t rub.
Tugs and pulls your skin, which puts your elastin at risk.
Designate a clean, soft towel to blot your fresh face

Using the Wrong Water Temp

The reality is that pores don’t have muscles to open and close. While hot water may feel good on your skin, it can mess with your skin’s natural, protective oils.
Lukewarm water is the best bet to cleanse gently yet effectively.

Natural Masks
For All Skin Care:
Egg White Face Mask

2 egg whites, separated from the yolk and placed in a bowl
2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

Separate the egg whites from a couple eggs and place them in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt (do not use flavored yogurt!). Mix them up and apply to face. Leave on face for a few minutes then rinse face in warm water, followed by a warm washcloth.
Oral Hygiene


1 mashed avocado

3 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder

2 teaspoons of raw honey

1 tablespoons of cinnamon.


Mix all the ingredients up

Gently massage the mixture onto your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes.

Rinse the mask off with warm water.
Myth: hot water opens pores and cold water closes them.
Regular cleansing will remove surface dirt and grime, but only a facial mask will actually draw out impurities from beneath the top layers of the skin.
Facial masks can be used between once and twice a week, depending on the condition of the skin.
Save money
Avoid harsh chemicals with these simple masks
Conditioners using fresh ingredients.

fresh breath
is also part of our

bad breaths
will cause
displeasure to others.

-What cause bad breath? Food particles left in the mouth will promote
bacterial growth
which produces foul smelling breath.

-How to get rid of bad breath? One of the ways, is to
keep your gums healthy
, and this could be done using natural methods.
Why have oral care?
Chocolate Mask
to have glowing skin on your faces.

Yoga facial exercises
Place both your forefingers between your hairline and eyebrows, in line with your eye pupils.
Perform small and firm inward circles with your fingertips.
(Help builds underlying muscle, tightens brow skin and yeild a smoother forehead)

Place both index fingers at each side of your windpipe. Lean back and gaze up to protrude your throat. Press into each sides of your muscles in your windpipe and move up and down with a quick and firm movement.( Fills out skeletal throat, tightens flabby skin on the neck, adds skin colour and smooths out line on the throat)

Place both index fingers on hinges of your jaw. Produce small and firm upward circles in this depression.( Help invigorate the entire face and lift wilting muscles on the mid and lower face)

Position forefingers in the depression of your cheekbones, lined up with your nostrils and eye pupils. Induce small, firm outward lines.( This will fill and tighten baggy skin and muscle as well as tone the mid face structure)
vinegar Trout fillet
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
2. Put the trout fillets onto the foil, sprinkle with a little Italian balsamic vinegar, add a few basil leaves
3.Fold the foil like an envelope and place it into the oven for 8 minutes until the trout is grilled
Fights acne
Prevents premature aging
Diminishes blemishes and skin pigmentation
Treats sunburn



Cocoa health benefits for skin:

High antioxidant content
Repairs cells and prevents cell damage.
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent them from damaging cells.

Increased blood flow
Improves the appearance of skin by improving the function of blood vessels, increasing blood flow, increasing hydration, decreasing skin roughness, and helping to increase defense against UV damage.

Topically, this increased hydration calms and soothes skin, infusing it with:

Vitamin Content
Dark chocolate contains Vitamins A, B12, B-complex, D and E, great for absorption of calcium, tissue growth, and releasing energy.

Mineral Content
Chocolate contains minerals such as (copper, iron, etc) for the promotion of cell growth, the repair of tissue and the absorption of nutrients.
Cocoa is also a rich source of sulfur, also known as the beauty mineral, necessary for healthy skin.

Vitamin D reduces gum diseases.

Prevents bleeding, redness and inflammation of the gum

Vitamin D can be found in foods such as:
- Dairy products
- Eggs
- Oily fish (Tuna, Sardines, etc)

3. Vitamin D

Rinsing your mouth with green tea will help reduce in the decay of teeth.

Drinking green tea builds healthier gums.

Green tea has been associated with better-smelling breath as it kills the microbes that make our mouths stinky.

1. Green Tea
2. Oils
Eucalyptol, menthol, and tea tree oil can help prevent gum inflamation.

Tea tree is an efficient antiseptic that kills bacteria fast. This is especially important for gum disease sufferers since we know that it’s caused by plaque, which is a bacteria.

You can use tea tree oil by putting one drop on top of your normal toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth.

HOWEVER! Avoid swallowing the oil, as it can cause irritations of stomach such as diarrhea.

Good Diet Habits

1. Drink about 1200ml to 2000ml water per day.
Our body is made out of 58% to 67% of water. When the body loses moisture, there will be dry skin. The skin loses its elasticity, and even causes wrinkles.

2. Eat food that are rich in vitamins
Vitamins play important role in prevention of skin getting older and maintaining a delicate skin.

3. Eat more foods containing iron.
People with rosy skin need adequate blood supply. And iron is one of the main element of blood.

4. Increase collagen and elasin-rich food intake.
Collagen causes cells to become full, thereby filling the skin, wrinkle reduction; elastin allows people to enhance skin elasticity, making the skin smooth and elastic

Nutritionists explained that fiber can slow down the rate of digestion, therefore continuing to the vascular supply of carbohydrates.

This way, the body gets a steady stream of energy.

Since oatmeal has a high fiber content, the body can make glucose levels maintaining at a high level.

Therefore, we will not feel hungry too soon and suffecient energy will be available to get through the day.

Benefits: Fresh tuna are rich in Omega-3 , therefore it can keep the skin moist to avoid dry skin.
Healthy Recipe
Grilled tuna steak
1. The 100 g green beans, 10 grams of black olives, 2 ripe tomatoes, 2 anchovies, 25 grams of cooked quail eggs, seasonal greens and 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil mixed together to make a salad.
2. Sprinkle with a little red wine and mustard.
3. The grill with grilled red peppers, peeled slices.
4. Grill 100 g yellow tuna.
5. Sprinkle the red pepper slices and tuna salad on top of crumbs.
Benefits: Trout, salmon and mackerel are an important source of essential fats, can help keep cells moist, plump and young, let the hair and the skin is no longer dry.
One study showed that eating calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, etc., can significantly improve the situation. If you eat three small cup of yogurt or two cups of milk a day, you can make abdominal pain, fatigue, feelings of irritability and other symptoms have abated, because calcium can ease muscle tension, regulating endocrine effects.
Allow me to demonstrate how to properly and correctly perform the above yoga exercises.

How to attain a better overall appearance
As mentioned eailer dieting may get you slim and in shape to fit in your clothes.
However, what’s the point of slimming down being too skinny and not putting on any muscle, point is will you want to look better by being flabby loser?
By exercising and doing some form of workouts will make you gain muscle, filling those loose gap you have on your arms and legs

Burns calories.
Promotes strength, endurance, and resistance to injury and illness.
In addition, exercising helps to lose more weight as well as retain and even build more muscle if you do it correctly and properly.

There are two form of exercises i will want to introduce:
1. Cardio
2. Body weight exercises

Helps to make your skin tone healthy and more vibrant by enabling better blood circulation.

Makes you lose weight as it burns away calories mainly those unhealthy calories you intake daily.

Beginners are recommended to do any form of cardio related activities at least twice a week. Slowly improving on the distance and speed each time.

Unfortunately, as effective as it may be people always tell me cardio is too tiring and boring to them.

However cardio can actually be lots of form and not just running, sometimes you might be already doing cardio in your daily activities.

Here are some examples of cardio that you didn’t know and it can be quite fun.

Household chores (Vacumming, mopping, gardening)

Power yoga (Intense stretching under a high
temperature environment)

Jazzercise (Dancing to the beat of a song

5 ways to turn housework into a WORKOUT

1. Vacuuming lunges/lifts
As you push the vacuum forward and back fit in some lunges with it, alternating legs and stretch them out as far as you can go. For the times when you need to use the extension part of the vacuum, hold the vacuum with one hand and perform over-head tricep dips (alternating after a few sets each).
3. Worktop press ups/knee ups
While you are waiting for the kettle to boil for your green tea (or other hot beverage) do standing press ups leaning on the edge of your worktop counter. Obviously make sure that the counter is dry so you don’t slip! If you have time left then also try some knee ups by using the corner of the worktop.
4. Dirty dishes calf raises
As you wash the dishes stand with your feet hip width apart and rise up onto your toes and hold for 5-10 seconds, then repeat. Hold your butt in as you rise for an extra little butt workout.

5. Floor scrubbing ab sliders
As you wash the floor on your knees hold the brush/cloth with both hands and push your arms out in front of you, cleaning the floor while contracting your abs each time you lean forward. As you move straight forward and lean side to side you are engaging your whole core.
Body weight exercises

Helps to build muscle and as the same time help to loose fats that cause one to be flabby.

Makes you stronger and healthier, improving your posture also.

Girls that dont want to look too manly can use weightlifting to help ton themselves, making muscle visible but not till protruding(maybe too much for some girls).

A win-win situation as you get to loose fats and as well also build muscle to make yourself look build when you dress up.

Body weight exercises

However, Body weight exercises isnt as easy and simple as cardio.

There a lot of different workouts out there that are effective and produces significant changes to your bodies if you do it properly.

Unfortunately, you can’t just train a certain body part and expect it to build a lot of muscle.

You need good training programs to train your body entirely.

These are a few workouts for you guys.

Jump squat (12 - 15 reps) No rest
Stand shoulder-width apart and squat down about halfway. Jump as high as you can.

Pull ups (At least 6 or more) No rest
Hang somewhere and pull yourselves till your chin is higher then your hand.

Dips (12 - 15 reps) No rest
Suspend yourself over parallel bar. Lower your body until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
BURPEE TO BROAD JUMP (15 reps or more) No rest
Bend down, then shoot your legs behind you fast to end up in the top of a pushup position. Perform a pushup and then jump your legs back up to your hands. From there, jump forward as far as you can.

DIPS TO LEG RAISE (12 reps or more) No rest
Press yourself back up and then raise your legs straight out in front of you.

PULLUP TO KNEE RAISE ( 10 reps or more) 30 secounds rest
Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar and then raise your knees to your chest in the top position.
The center of your face (T-zone) gets greasy by midday.

Even with volumizing products, your roots limp out before the day is over.

Your hair form large wavy flakes.

Whats your scalp type?
Solution for oily hair:
Shampoo and massage your scalp daily.

An oily scalp can be prone to folliculitis(breakout) near your period. Lather up twice in the shower during that week.

If you have dandruff, use an anti-dandruff shampoo.
Seasonal changes make your skin oily or dry, but generally somewhere in between.

Your hair does not look greasy or dry if you skipped shampoo for a day.

Styling products or hair treatment do not tend to irritate your scalp.

Solution for dry hair
The detergents in shampoo can be drying, so shampoo every 2-3 days

Use a humidifier in cooler months or dry climates

Massage a few drops of jojoba oil onto your scalp before bed

Reasons for hair loss
Dramatic weight loss

Physical stress/trauma

Over Styling



Male/Female pattern baldness


Emotional stress

Dramatic weight loss
Physical stress/trauma

Over styling

Examples of overt styling:
Tight braids
Chemicals relaxers to straighten hair
Hot oil treatments
High heat-iron curlers, hairdryer

What to do:
Avoid these styles and treatments
Using conditioner after every shampoo
Limit the amount of time your hair comes in contact with high heat
Use heat driven products no more than once a week

Combing your hair everyday
Combing your hair helps in distributing the natural hair oils and make your hair look shinier and healthier

Handling hair carefully when its wet
Wet hair will snap at the smallest pressure. An ideal way to dry hair would be to squeeze excess water and towel dry

Letting your hair breathe
At least for a few hours a day, keep your hair free of clips, rubber bands or hats to release the pressure around your head to let it regain normal blood circulation

Cleaning brushes and combs
Hair brushes and combs are breeding grounds for germs. Sterilize brushes, combs and plastic accessories once in a while by dunking them in hot water with antiseptic to prevent scalp infection

Bad Hair Habits
Bad Hair Habits (cont)
Scalp massage to promote healthy hair

Starting at the hairline by your forehead, make small circles with your fingertips.

Work your way to the sides of your head and then to the back, then work your way back up to the front, still making small circles

Do this for about 10 minutes in the morning and at night.

This improves blood circulation at the scalp which would promote healthy hair
1. Balayam Yoga (Rubbing nails)

4 Yoga poses for healthy hair
2. Uttansana (Standing forward bend pose)

Stand straight with knees and feet touching each other

Inhale deeply.

While exhaling, lift hands up and bend down forward; if possible, fingers and hands touch the floor.

Hold pose with normal breathing for a few seconds.

When coming up, inhale deeply while standing up straight .

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Dog Pose)

Place yourself with knees and hands on the ground. Hands perpendicular to shoulders and knees perpendicular to hips.
Push hips up and straighten your legs.
Pressing your palms to the ground, straighten your spine more.
To return, gently pull down your hips and back to the first step.

4. Uttanpadasana

Lie on your back with arms by your side and arms facing the floor.

Slowly raise your legs at a 45-60 degree angle from the ground.

Keep your legs raised for a minute or even longer if you can.

Banana and Oil Hair Mask

Hair damaged from chemicals (e.g.perms, hair straightening, hair coloring), high heat (e.g. hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons) or chlorine

Bananas are rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that can help strengthen hair, and potassium, a mineral which helps hair maintain a healthy pH balance.

Banana and oil hair mask (cont)

Examples of physical stress/trauma
Car accident
Severe illness-cancer, even the flu

These stress/trauma can trigger a type of temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium which is usually noticeable 3-6 months after the trauma.

Hair life cycle:
Growth phase
Rest phase
Shedding phase
Your face is dry and so is your hair, from roots to end.

Your scalp is itchy, and might have powdery white flakes.

It tingles uncomfortably when you apply certain hair product and hair colour.

Examples for dramatic weight loss
Crash diets
Stress on your body resulting in vitamins and minerals deficiency
Eating disorder-anorexia, bulimia

Sudden weight loss might shock your body system and have a 6 month period of hair loss

What to do:
DO NOT PANIC, the body system will eventually correct itself and hair would start growing again

Blow-drying hair after every wash
Most damaging hair treatment as regular blow-drying causes hair to be brittle and break off easily. If must go for a cold-dry instead of hot one.

Applying conditioner on your scalp

Over-conditioning your hair or applying conditioner on the scalp will make your hair look lifeless and greasy.
It will even attract a lot of grime and dust if you are an outdoor person.
Always start with a small amount of conditioner, add more if not enough.

Not trimming
Get a little trim every 6 to 8 weeks, even if you are growing your hair. This keeps split ends, frizz and breakage at bay.

Not cleansing
Never let dust settle on your scalp. If your hair feels itchy after a long day in the outdoors, make sure to wash it before you call it a night. Instead of scratching your scalp (that could lead to infections)

Using soap on hair
Chemicals in soap are not meant for hair and may damage your natural texture and shine

Curl fingers of both hands.

Bring nails of both hands together in contact and start rubbing them, leaving out the thumbnail.

Rub continuously for 5-7 minutes each time; in the morning and at night.

Rarely show signs of flaky skin or an oily shine.

Little effort required with your skincare routine to keep skin healthy.

Healthy glow about your skin.

The natural oil in your skin flows at a normal rate onto your skin’s surface.
2. Laundry sorting squats / doorframe dusting squats

When you are sorting the laundry basket out hold a squat as you do it. Also, each time you work the duster down the side of the doorframes squat with it. It’s better for your back than bending over….and better for your butt!
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