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Causes of Climate Change

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Susan Schuber

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Causes of Climate Change

Causes of Climate Change
Solar Energy
short-term changes in climate due to sunspots
sunspots occur in 11 year cycles
Satellites measure the amount of energy the sun produces
increases with more sun spots
causes Earth's temperature to warm
Volcanic Activity
release large amounts of gases into the atmosphere
materials stay in the atmosphere for months or years
materials filter out incoming solar radiation and lower temperature
Earth's Position
time of year that the Earth is closest to the Sun shifts from January to July and back again over 23,000 years
Angle of Earth tilt changes
Angle of orbit changes
El Nino
warm water event
causes unusual pattern of winds over the western Pacific
warm water moves towards South America
occurs every 2-7 years
because of change, weather around the world changes
causes severe droughts or heavy rain
can last 1-2 years before normal patterns return
La Nina
surface waters in the Eastern Pacific are cooler than normal
cause colder than normal winters
lots or rain to the Northwest Pacific and North Central US
more hurricane activity in the Atlantic
Global Warming
warming of climates based on human activities
over the past 120 years the troposphere has increases by .5 degrees Celsius
Based on what you know about the short term and long term causes of climate change, do you think that humans play a role in causing climate change? Why or Why not?
Long Term Changes
Short Term Changes
ocean currents
wind patterns (Coriolis Effect)
Influence of weather patterns
Movement of Continents
changed location of the land and the sea
affect global patterns of wind and ocean currents
wind and ocean currents change climates
as continents move, climate patterns will continue to change
Might be the cause of ice ages
Might be cause of gradual increase and decrease of Earth's temperature
changed global wind and ocean patterns
Ozone Depletion
filters out harmful UV radiation
thinning of Ozone over Antarctica was noticed in 1970
Hole was the same size in 2000 and 2003
thought to be because of chemical humans have produced
Greenhouse Hypothesis
Greenhouse Effect-process of gasses in the Earth's Atmosphere trapping energy from the sun
Gases in the atmosphere are known as greenhouse gases
scientists hypothesize that human activities can add to the greenhouse gases
Levels of Carbon Dioxide
increase in carbon dioxide might be main cause of global warming
scientists measured bubbles of Carbon Dioxide in Antarctic Ice
Since the late 1800's Carbon Dioxide levels have increased
burning of wood, oil, coal and natural gas all add Carbon Dioxide to the air
increasing the amount of carbon dioxide increases the global temperature
Climate Variation Hypothesis
some scientists disagree with global warming
warming of Earth might be due to changes in energy that the sun produces
this change in energy might cause warmer and cooler climate changes
Possible Effects of Warming Climates
Positive Effects
farmers in cool areas could plant two crops a year
farmers could plant in places too cold to farm

Negative Effects
water will evaporate quicker from exposed soil
increase strength of hurricanes from warmer ocean water
sea level would rise from water expanding causing flooding
nicknamed CFC's
formally used in air conditioners, refrigerators, cleaners for electronic parts, aerosol sprays
last for decades in atmosphere
UV radiation breaks down CFC molecules in to atoms which break down ozone
Results of Ozone Depletion
possible eye damage or cancer
decrease in chemical production
still continue to try to eliminate CFC's
Coriolis Effect
sun heats Earth so Equator is hotter
warm air rises creating low pressure system
cool air circulates from the poles towards the Equator creating a high pressure system
The equator rotates faster than the poles due to the shape of the Earth which causes storms to take different paths and spin in different directions.

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