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Copy of Analyzing Linear or Non Linear Plot Structure

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Kelly Lufkin

on 4 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Analyzing Linear or Non Linear Plot Structure

Linear Plot Structure
A linear plot consist of a series of events starting with a beginning, middle, and ending with a conclusion.

Non-Linear Plot Structure
What is Linear Plot Structure?

By; Miss Shields
Analyzing Linear and Non Linear Plot Structure
A non-linear plot structure consist of a series of events that are out of order. Authors and filmmakers mainly use non-linear plot to copy the structure and recall of human memory
Non-Linear Plot Elements


Parallel Plot

Sub Plot
A transition in a book or film to an earlier event that interrupts the chronological development of a story
Usually in first person point of view, but can be viewed from different points of view.
The presentation of details, characters, or incidents in a narrative in such a way that later events are prepared for (or "shadowed forth").

** Hints about what will happen later**
For Example:

In the opening of The Wizard of Oz, set in Kansas, the transformation of Miss Gulch into a witch on a broomstick foreshadows her reappearance as Dorothy's enemy in Oz.
Parallel Plot & Sub-Plot
Parallel Plot
Two or more plots that occur within a story and intersect
The plots usually takes place within the same time frame
*In parallel plot, each plot is essential to the story
For Example
Movie: Pulp Fiction
Literature: Romeo and Juliet
A secondary story in a narrative.
A subplot may serve as a motivating or complicating force for the main plot of the work, or it may provide emphasis for, or relief from, the main plot.

Harry Potter series
The story is about Harry Potter, but intersected is a subplot based on Hermione’s crush on Ron. Though Harry’s adventures continue unabated, the girl’s sentiments toward Ron take over entire scenes at times
Think Pair Share Activity

What are the major differences of Linear and Non-Linear Plots?

How can the elements of a Non-Linear plot connect to the the main plot?

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