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Aleppo: The Earthquake of 1138

No description

Rachel Miller

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Aleppo: The Earthquake of 1138

What is the geographic and geological setting for this earthquake?
This earthquake took place in Aleppo, Syria. Aleppo is a region with abundant resources and areas of grasslands. The types of animals are wildcats, deer, antelope, and other birds and reptiles. It all started on October 10, 1138, a shock shook the region. The biggest quake happened the next day on the 11. Aleppo was one of the largest community hit by the Aleppo earthquake. There were several other towns that were leveled by the earthquake as well: Harim, A Muslim fort at Al-Atarib, and many others.
What were the statistics for this earthquake?
The statistics are:
230,000 people died
The reason why so many people died was because of the collapsing buildings. People tried to get out, but their homes collapsed on top of them. Since this earthquake was about 1,000 years ago, there is really no actual record of damages, repairs, and injuries. There is no actual record of these damages. The city of Aleppo is rebuilt today from previous wars, destroying it.
What is the scientific explanation?
The scientific explanation of this earthquake explains that this earthquake was that Syria, lies on the boundary between the Arabian geologic plate and the African plate, which is apart of the Dead Sea Fault. The weather conditions were a typical normal day with temperatures 50- 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The plates collided and caused two earthquakes, one day separating. There has been some previous natural disasters and events: The Syrian Civil War of 1070 B.C which killed millions and destroyed their entire area. They had previous bombings from ISIS. They had previous earthquakes as well. One of these was the Aleppo earthquake of 533. It killed 130,000 people and happened on November 29, 533.
More statistics!
: 8.5 on the Richter Scale.It was the third largest earthquake in the world to do that much damage, and a high death toll as well.

Aleppo: The Earthquake of 1138
By: Rachel Miller Mod:9

The Aleppo earthquake was warned to people. The people were warned to get out of their houses and get away as far as possible, but they did not think it would actually happen. I believe that the steps that should of been taken was the structure of the buildings. I believe they should of made the structure stronger because they collapsed so easily on top of people.
Could they of minimized the loss of people and property?
Here is a video on the Aleppo earthquake:
Other important information!
The population is about 1.9 million people.
It is the second largest city besides Damascus in Syria.
The earthquake knocked down the Aleppo Citadel which was created by the people in the ancient city.
The thought that God was showing his anger towards both Christians and Muslims as they warred over holy lands was what the people thought caused the earthquake.
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In conclusion, the Aleppo earthquake was one of the world's worst earthquake. It killed thousands and destroyed the city. We know that these types of earthquakes are possible and what they can do to Earth. Aleppo is an example of that!
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