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Passion and Curiosity in Teaching

A Personal Reflection

Robin Seniura

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Passion and Curiosity in Teaching

Unconditional Acceptance Always
Expressing knowledge and content should be creative
Creative expression of knowledge can look many different ways. The means through which this happens is vast.
My instruction focuses on the learner and their needs.
Listen to learn
Write to learn
Create to learn
Sing to learn
Dance to learn
Share to learn
Collaborate to learn
Explore to learn
Things I am curious about?
We are not in the role of teaching to judge. Accept each and every child the way they are the moment they walk through the door. We can only judge where the child ends up when they leave our door as that is a reflection of us.
The act of learning in and of itself makes me curious.
Each family has entrusted me with their most valuable gift, their child. They are raising this child as they want. We must accept the child as a representation of their family and what that family values.
Embrace each child and their family. The family is the child's for a lifetime.
Work with the family, form a team cheering on the child.
Collaboration between school and family will yield success.

I believe...
all students will learn. To this end I am passionate. Learning is a life long journey. I am a part of the student's journey through life.
What is really important for the student of today to know?

How do we as educators make sure all students are prepared for the 21st century?

What new ways of teaching will keep all students motivated?

We need passionate teachers, how do we get them?

How do we prepare passionate teachers for the children of the future?

How do all teachers use Technology with Pedagogy to teach Content Knowledge and more?

How can we face the problems of practice today and keep the focus on our future, children?

Are there really "Wicked Problems" in education? Or merely problems that are solvable with a change of mindset and how we go about solving them?
My passion is teaching, teaching feeds my curiosity.
Passion and Curiosity in Teaching
As I have embarked and continued on this journey my passion has grown and my curiosities of the practice seem endless. With each thing I learn, I am more curious, which makes me want to learn even more. This is what I hope students learn from me the most, becoming life long learners on all their journeys, finding passion and curiosity for learning around every corner..

Instruction is Student Centered
I get to know all my students and their families.
Students Drive Instruction
Project Based Learning
Written Expression
Music Interpretation
Scientific Experiment
Teaching is a Journey of Learning and Curiosity
Digital Creations
Tech. Tools
The Internet
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