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Business Plan NURS 6600

No description

Barbara Taylor

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan NURS 6600

Foundation Drive Marketing Core Our Patients Keys for success by Stakeholders:

Patients/ residents

APRN partners

Nursing and office staff

Referring agencies Business Strategy Patient satisfaction
Quality Business Plan for Platinum Healthcare Associates, LLC Economic keys for success


Marketing & Sales Personnel Plan Potential for Additional Revenue
Regulation change for APRNs in NJ r/t collaborative agreement

Contract with other assisted living agencies for medical services Payer Market Analysis Services Annual check up
Walk in clinic for sick visits
Health and wellness educational programs Break-even analysis Cherry Blossom Senior Residential and Assisted Living Community

Tracy Kocher, APRN
Carolyn Taylor, APRN

founding partners Primary Objectives Milestones 9 Month Timeline Won Bid

Contract Reviews

Marketing Discussion

Strategy Implemented Oct-Nov 2012 Feb-May
2013 Office Staff Interviewing and Hiring

Office Operation Plans and Review Bank Loan Application

Obtain Business License

Order Medical & Office
Supplies Dec 2012
Jan 2013 Obtain Lab Contract

Create Collaborative relationship
with Kennedy University Hospital

Insurance and Benefits applications/Update

Create and Update Educational Programming

EMR Training with Tracking System

Develop Patient Satisfaction Survey

Office and Staff Readiness June-July 2013 Office & Exam Room Inspection

Building I Opening July 9 2013 Cherry Hill, New Jersey Introductions Florence Kocher, MSN, NE-BC, CPSO
Tracy Lanoza, APN
Carolyn Mosley, APN
Barbara Taylor APN, CNE 20 years experience in geriatrics
prior experience in operating a private medical practice. Platinum Healthcare Associates LLC opening July 2013
(capacity of 1500 units by July, 2015) Create a quality driven medical practice aimed at meeting the needs of residents of Cherry Blossom Senior Residential and Assisted Living Community

To form a health care practice which will become profitable by fiscal year three Projected profit and loss Wellness Program Target market startegy convience of location Projected Pro Forma add bullets from paper Two Founding
APRNs RN 1FT APRN 1PerDiem APRN LPNs Office staff 2 collaborating
physicians $5,000 per clinic Hiring of staff as needed
Develop and supervise health and wellness program Speaking engagements
Representation at residential open houses
Visit local older adult organizations
Patient care Present Health and wellness program content

Lab and Pharmacy Counselor and Contact

Facilitate orientation and training

Supervise & Schedule LPN and office staff

Collaboration in the hiring of additional staff Obtaining Vital signs, lab specimens, and EKGs Appointment scheduling
Appointment office flow
Insurance authorization Consultation and review charts Provide annual examinations and Follow-up care services

Flu immunization administration and Service Walk-in clinic sick visits $110,000 $60,000 $70, 000 Salary with Benefits PD No benefits $110, 000 $34, 000 $46, 000 Focus on holistic patient care

Maintain 95% or better patient satisfaction rating

Encourage patients to partner in their own health care

Implement EMR tracking sytem for yearly and follow up visits

Laboratory services
Specialty consultations Additional Benefits Majority female, average 85 years of age
75% Caucasian , 12% Asian, 8% African American Mission Our mission is to provide quality holistic care to the residents of Cherry Blossom Senior Residential And Assisted Living Community Experience & reputation
Brochure & newsletter
Open houses
Marketing consultant www.platinumhealthcare.com Uncertainty and

Utilization of services
Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement $6,930 after FY3
$15,080 after FY4 Feasibilty Providing a needed quality service

Consistant reimbursement from payers

Unique walk in clinic

Three year contract with Cherry Blossom Discussion Risk Management
Monitor occupancy rate

Review Patient satisfaction survey Analysis of Expenses Our competition Other internal/family practices

30 other assisted living facilties

3 have on site medical none offer walk in clinic services
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