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Valenti Printing Group

Manoa Consulting

daniela andrade

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Valenti Printing Group

Team & Management Caroline - Project Manager leads, manages, and organizes the group
Ensure timely deliverables
Secure acceptance and approval from stakeholders Ryan - Lead Programmer Michelle - Designer Daniela - Quality Lead Mallory - Requirements Satisfaction Lead Works with Project Manager
Determine what is to be improved
Verify system functionality
Find and correct errors Research solutions and alternatives
Select alternatives to be tested Quality Control
Find ways to improve system
Detect bugs
find ways to be more effective
Caroline - Project Manager Ryan- Lead Programmer Michelle - Designer Daniela - Quality Lead Mallory - Requirements Satisfaction Lead Test cases, checklists, and inspections
Ensure timely completion of deliverables
Emphasize unfinished tasks About Valenti Research and possible solutions Open Source "cloud based groupware"
used to manage projects.

Features include:
Time tracking What it does: Feedback: Client's opinion:
Not intuitive
Too much micromanagement
European Calendar Overall: does not fit user's requirements What it does: A web-based open source task manager. Features include:
Built-in calendar
Extras: Gmail Integration Example: Testing and Implementation Current System Virtually non-existent
No way to track tasks for individual jobs
Jobs done at the last minute
High probability of errors
Errors cost money and reputation
Monatary loss ranges from $100- $3000 per job
Loss of reputation and customer trust
Lose customers Utilizing new system: Possible to plan ahead
possible to know what has or has not been completed
Wont put off job until the last minute
Errors can be caught before they affect the job
Other uses for new system: Students: plan large assihnments/papers
anyone with a list of tasks and subtasks

Testing and Limitations Positive response from client
discovered 1 major limitation:

1 possible issue: any possible year can be scheduled
no error message
Solutions: Double check
Only enter MM/DD For the system to work, it must be used!
easy to say "I'll do it another time"
can be mitigated by good management and training Team: Manoa Consulting presents: Term Project for ITM 354
Professor Kazman Team: Caroline Ching
Ryan Seefeld
Michelle Lau
Daniela Andrade
Mallory Nitta Questions? Met Requirements: Web-based
Schedule Tasks
Able to view tasks
Able to edit tasks Unmet Requirements Did not need to assign resources
Too many levels

Needs server
Too many unneeded features: Milestones
Time tracker Project Task list Task/Milestone Met Requirements: Web-based
Open source
Schedule Tasks
Able to view tasks
Able to edit tasks
Does not need a server Unmet Requirements: Accuracy/data validation Needs second user to proof read Offer full color printing services

Innovators in Hawaii

Over 25 years of experience Brochures
Cards etc... First to bridge the gap between
traditional and digital printing
technologies. Our Goal: 7 machines

10-12 employees Intelligent Inserter
Mail Sealer
Ink Set
Print 1
iGEN3-full color Demo
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