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Hero Brand for keynote Delhi

Are to make an audience remember your brand for the right reasons.

Guillaume Van der Stighelen

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Hero Brand for keynote Delhi

We all have our heroes NAME: Einstein GAME: Understand Universe FAME: Tongue, bad hairdress CLAIM: It is all relative NAME: Einstein GAME: Understand Universe FAME: Tongue, bad hairdress CLAIM: It is all relative GAME: Free England from the bad Prince John NAME: Robin Hood FAME: Green/Hat/feather/tights CLAIM: Steel from the rich to give to the poor GAME: Free England from the bad Prince John NAME: Robin Hood FAME: CLAIM: Steel from the rich to give to the poor NAME: Mickael Gorbachev FAME: CLAIM: Glasnost GAME: Open Russia to the world GAME: Conquer universe (before Russians) NAME: Neil Armstrong FAME: CLAIM: That's one small step for (a) man,
one giant leap for mankind GAME: ? NAME: ? FAME: ? CLAIM: ? GAME: ? NAME: Puratos FAME: CLAIM: Reliable partners in innovation GAME: NAME: Puratos FAME: CLAIM: Reliable partners in innovation What is your contribution to a better world? Don't be shy. You must be doing something good for someone. Apple: "make the world more creative"
Coca-Cola: "spread happiness"
Google: "make everything findable for all"
Danone: "entreprendre pour la santé" That was Prezi. Recently a start up. Make it ambitious enough and it will lead you and your followers Before you start: are you sure you are able to do something noboby else can? A ceo I knew once told me: "Whatever your competitors can't, won't or may not do, that is what you have to do, if you want to make a good living." Heroes use their special qualities at the service of society What is your special quality and what can it mean to a large group of people? Is it easy to remember?
Easy to pronouce?
Does it sound right?
Nice in typo? Does it fit your GAME? Is it different enough?
Easily recognizable?
Colours and shapes you can OWN?
Does it express the values of your project?
Do enough people think it is WRONG?
Does it fit your GAME? Do you have the right words to gain followers for what you do? Hire a good copywriter. Here is the secret: Of course this is only a beginning But you have no idea how much companies waste money on advertising because they haven't done this right at the start. Good luck The Hero Brand concept was developed at www.duvalguilaume.com
The book was published first in Dutch in 2009. Five editions were sold out in less than one year. An English version will be available by the summer of 2010.
Guillaume has a blog about marketing and communications on

Duval Guillaume can be contacted at +32 24120888
or info@duvalguillaume.com Heroes take on an important challenge
Heroes have a strong name
Heroes are easy to recognize
Heroes use the right words "Today it is not enough to be a champion.

You must also look like a champion, talk like a champion and act like a champion." Carl Lewis Brands can be heroes too. Do something special that means something special to a group of people And be remembered for the good things you do. Hero Brands take on an important challenge
Hero Brands have a strong name
Hero Brands stand out visually
Hero Brands have good copywriters Grown, not made The power of food to connect people, unite cultures and enrich daily life First name: Tomato Ketchup
Family name: Heinz name claim game fame All brands can be heroes It is not just Apple and Nike. Some brands have a smaller group of interested customers.
Maybe it is just a local shop or a global B2B corporation Once you have customers, they have expectations. They chose you and they have the right to be proud of you. Be promising.
Be chosen.
Live up to the expectations
Be chosen again And now sold all over the world. Including Nepal. The way we remember brands is simular to how we remember heroes. Hope that things will get better that someone can do that Belief Why do we need heroes? we We HOPE we get out of this alive We BELIEVE they can do it Red Truck Blue light Loud siren SAFE Why do we need brands? We want to share this belief with our peers Notice that Robin Hood did the same job as the Vikings:
Steel, burn and kidknap pretty girls from castles.
Robin goes into history as a hero.
The Vikings as cruel gangsters.

See what a good agency can do ? What companies can learn from heroes on how to present themselves by Guillaume Van der Stighelen
co-founder of Duval Guillaume Hope you'll feel less miserable Believe you'll feel better Red Can
White wave Famous ads HAPPY
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