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Napoleon Bonaparte

The Successes and Failures of the Emperor of France

Michelle Quarshie

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte: The rise and fall of greatness The Life of Napoleon sucess... ...or Fail? Russia France Don't do it! social Success Napoleonic Code French Nationalism No More Feudalism Political Hotshot Establishing the Consulate Confederation of the Rhine Ended the French Revolution
Stabilized France
United France Unified Holy Roman Empire Religious Reforms Intellectual Improvements Concordat of
1801 University of France
Military Academy
Civil Servant Schools Economic Expert Napoleon established the National Bank of France in 1800. He also created the Franc, which was later replaced by the Euro. Battles like Austerlitz and Champaubert proved Napoleon's military genius. Social Intellectual Repression
& Opposition In the French Empire, many of the conquered lands gained a sense of nationalism and liberalism. This built up feeling of independence, however was set up against France. Economic Error? Military Mistakes Egypt
Spain/ Guerilla warfare
Waterloo THE END.
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