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Einsenhardt (1989) - A critical analysis of research methods

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Renato Kogeyama

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Einsenhardt (1989) - A critical analysis of research methods

Foundation RELIABILITY Analysis Conclusions Discussion VALIDITY MAKING FAST STRATEGIC DECISIONS IN HIGH-VELOCITY ENVIRONMENTS (Einsenhardt, 1989) A Critical Analysis of Research Methods
1) Top management team;
2) Strategic decision;
3) Firm performance. Initial interviews (CEOs)
Semistructured Interviews (TMT)
Questionnaires (Each Member of the Team)
Secondary Sources How are fast strategic decisions made?

How does decision speed link to performance? The research questions Four Levels of Data Sources: 8 Microcomputer Firms Studied
Period: 1984-1985

Characteristics of the Market:
New Hardware Developments
Entry of new Competitors
Double Digit Growth

Culminating in an Uncertainty Scenario Multiple Levels of Analysis: Setting: About the Research: Is 'sales' the best way to measure performance?
Is the concept of 'strategic decision' well defined?
Is the concept of 'strategic decision' broadened by 'sales' being the measure of performance? CEO Interviews
Top Management Interviews Questionnaire
Secondary Information X Explicit and Detailed Process Goals Input:
Secondary Data Correlate with success:
Comparison Before and After Going back to compare with previous Theories Quality of Research Reliability
Validity Attempt to Generalize findings by
combining a "Between Subject Design"
with a "Within Subject Design", which is
the norm on qualitative research. Increase in Validity by combining
different methods and points of view. Combination of Different Methods

Holistic View of Decision Process

"Correlation" between Characteristics and Results

Mixed Design (Between-Within)

Process Understanding (Verstehen)

Combined Views (CEO's vs TMT vs Team Members)

Some Generalization Power
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