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Top 10 Best Food Establishments in Los Baños

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Vino Orajay

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Top 10 Best Food Establishments in Los Baños

9. Tresto
10. Auntie Pearl's Pizza
Top 10 Must Try Food Establishments in Los Baños

6. Seoul Kitchen
4. Herb Republic
5. Cafe Ella
8. KasKa
7. Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill
Auntie Pearl's Pizza is famous because of its wide variety of foods. It offers pasta, pizza, burgers, and desserts, all at reasonable prices.
Auntie Pearl's Pizza is located in 10664 Oregano Street corner Lemon Grass, Demarses Subdivision, U.P.-Grove, Los Baños, 4030, Laguna
Tresto is a usual hangout place of UPLB students. It is famous for its pulutan like sisig, beef strips, chili hotdogs, etc.
Tresto Bar-Resto-Garden is located at 9711 Mt. Banahaw Street, Umali Subdivision, Los Banos, Laguna 4030.
When people are asked where to eat, we usually say "Kahit saan." And that's where KasKa derived its name from. "Kahit Saan. Kahit Ano."
Its menu consists of home cooked meals like adobo, tonkatsu, and pork barbeque. The food is worth the price and it is budget friendly.
Kaska is located at the 2nd flr. Of Vega Mall, College, Los Baños, Laguna.
Chubby Habbi’s Mediterranean Grill serves reasonably-priced but delicious Mediterranean food that even the average college student can afford.
Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill is located at Unit C 10276 Ruby Street, Los Banos Subdivision, 4030 Los Baños, Laguna
Seoul Kitchen is a new Korean restaurant in Los Banos. The restaurant is inspired by the look of most restaurants and cafes in Korea -colorful and cute.
The restaurant offers a few items in their menu. They only have a couple of appetizers, including kimbap.
Seoul Kitchen is located at 10355 Dancel Dormitory, FO Santos, Batong Malake
Los Banos 4030
The first thing you'll notice inside Cafe Ella is its vintage design. They offer different meals but it is quite expensive. And I can say that the food is worth the price.
Cafe Ella is located at Centtro Mall Lopez Avene, Los Banos, Laguna
What's amazing in Herb Republic is that all of the foods that they offer are chemical free. Even the herbs that they use are organic. They offer few menu choices but I can say that all of the foods are very delicious.
Herb Republic is located at the National Hwy, Los Baños 4030
3. Dalcielo
Dalcielo serves different varieties of foods. It serves Spanish delights like Callos and Lengua, a variety of pastas, local delicacies like Dinuguan, Binagoongang Liempo and Pako salad, as well as various cakes and pastries.
Dalcielo is located at 9478 Lopez Avenue, Batong Malake, Los Baños City, Laguna
2. Faustina's
Faustina's is a place of international cuisine. The place is very cozy and has a very relaxing ambiance. The restaurant offers pizza, pasta, and rice meals. The foods that they serve are really worth the price.
Faustina's is located at Ruby St, Bayan ng Los Baños.
1. Bonitos Bar and Restaurant
Bonitos serves excellent pastas, hamburgers, gourmet salads, juicy and tender ribs, crispy kare-kare, sisig, BBQs, brick oven-baked pizza, nachos, and rice meals, which are all fast becoming popular. It is always a place of celebrations and happenings.
Bonitos is located at Oregano St. cor. Lopez Ave., Demarses Subd., Los Baños
Laguna, Philippines
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