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Chemical Potential Energy

A physics presentation by Alejandro Yanez and Karim Khan

Karim Khan

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Chemical Potential Energy

Chemical Potential Energy by Karim Khan & Alejandro Yanez So What is Chemical Potential Energy? To understand, you must first understand; Chemical Potential Now that we understand the key points, let's find the meaning of chemical potential energy. Energy Potential Energy Chemical Energy Energy It is a non-materialistic quantity that comes in many shapes and forms such as
Radiant and more Potential Energy Potential Energy also comes in many forms such as gravitational, potential, elastic and more. How Does It Work? Potential Energy is an energy that has a chance of happening, therefore a potential of happening. Potential energy is the type of energy which an object has due to the change in either: POSITION STATE SHAPE Chemical Energy Chemical energy is the potential of a substance to undergo a chemical reaction. So What Is It? Chemical Potential Energy is the energy stored in atoms, bonds between atoms & molecules of substances Chemical Potential Energy can be released by different chemical reactions The energy is created when the bonds are broken Chemical Potential Energy depends on three main factors: Temperature Mass of the Object Pressure The higher the temperature the more bonds are broken which in turn gives us a complete chemical reaction. The mass of the object will estimate the chemical potential energy and determine how much energy will be converted. Entropy is thermodynamic quantity that helps to account for the flow of energy through a thermodynamic process. If entropy rises directly proportionally to the particle number, the chemical potential decreases. In mathematical thermodynamic terms, this is known as the Maxwell relation. So How Is Chemical Potential Energy Applied In Everyday Life? Our bodies use the process of chemical potential energy in everyday life. From everything to eating, to exercise or to simply to breathe. THANK YOU
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