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1.04 The Golden Age of Islam

No description

Alyssa Storniolo

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of 1.04 The Golden Age of Islam

Socially, Economically, Politically, and Intellectually..
1.04 The Golden Age of Islam Islam, politically was very important. The war, peace and treatys. Islamic's law was universal throughout the whole empire. The Islamic political system makes the ruler respond to Allah then the people. It ensures equality between citizens before the law. Politically Intellectually, Islam was important. Islamics thought there were various type of intellectual disciplines. They have different approaches and interpretations. Religion was a big part. Intellectually Economically Islamics base there economic system off whats balanced and whats fair. Muslims are to recognize wealth, earnings and material goods of the property of God. Socially Allah created a couple to begin the life of mankind on earth. It was originally a single group and one religion. Islam says that if there is any real difference between man and man it cannot be one of race, color, country or language, but of ideas, beliefs and principles.
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