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No description

Suraj Anandan

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of HRRT

Complex Business Environment
But putting IT to work in the most effective way possible and maximizing results across an enterprise requires professionals who are well trained and capable of thinking out of the box.
Centre for Information Technology (CIT)
UPES has forged very strong industry-academia relationships

This HR RT IT is an initiative in that direction.

HR Round Table
Utpal Ghosh,
President&CEO, UPES

UPES' CIT - Advantage
(Game Over Wallpaper, 2014)

Big Data
Cloud Computing
Open Source
Retail and Automation
Mainframe Technology
Graphics and Gaming
Cyber Forensics
IT Security
Telecom Informatics
Navigating today's business environment is an extremely complex task.
However the silver lining is that almost every road leads directly/indirectly to information technology.

Working experience offered to the students on collaborative platform for academic projects.

First University in world to start Specialized UG program in Computer Science & Engineering
Experience in offering Domain specific programs
IBM collaboration
Trained & Certified faculty members
Faculty members with mixed experience of industry and academic
Mentors from Industry for all the students of CSE
internship programs and opportunities for path breaking research work.
information technology
It is impossible to predict technology change in IT
The usability of technology will increase as will the simplicity of interfaces and perhaps even become integrated biologically.
Large databases

will require unprecedented collaborations, storage, compute power, archiving, and analysis.
The ability to use, create, manipulate, and integrate large amounts of data will become an essential component of research in the 21st Century, requiring investments in staff and software with that special emphasis to assist domain scientists.
Cloud computing
will seamlessly provide much of the necessary compute resources (CPU, memory, and disk storage) as needed. Everyone will expect to access whatever computing and technology they require, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Dynamic Platform for next generation students to acquire high end IT education
Cloud Computing & Virtualisation Technology
Open Source & Open Standards
Mainframe Technology
Oil & Gas Informatics
Telecom Informatics
E-Commerce, Retail and Automation
IT Infrastructure
Business Analytics & Optimization
Banking , Financial Services & Insurance
IT Security & Cyber Forensics
Graphics & Gaming
Healthcare Informatics
Manufacturing Systems
Capacity Building and Man Power Development at UPES

What does this mean in terms of the Human Resources?
The projected increase in demand of specialized IT skills
Managing the supply of competent workforce will become all the more critical to the industry’s ability to sustain and grow.

(video data alone is doubling every two years)
The technology landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically.

Changing Business Imperatives in IT – Developing for Domain Innovation
Ignoring it will not stop it.

Some of top IT recruiters at UPES CIT
The dynamics of the work enviornment is changing rapidly.
Earlier, one could manage an entire work life spanning 35-40 yrs with 1 or 2 skill sets.

Research now shows that a working adult will need 6-7 unique skill sets.
Considering that many of the new skills have
not yet been invented, what Universities like ours can do is to prepare graduate with the ability to pick up new skills as they go along in their careers
UPES offers differentiated B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering via domain specialisation

In addition to domain tailored CSE programs UPES has introduced for the first time in the country Tech-Law program

These are 6 years programs with specialization in:

B.Tech Computer Science + LL.B. (Hons.) Cyber Laws
B.Tech-Energy Technology + LL.B. (Hons.) Intellectual Property Rights
Oil & Gas
Aug, Mumbai
Jan, Bangaluru
Oct, Delhi
Jun, Hyderabad
At the UPES’ Centre for Information Technology, we are creating professionals capable of unleashing a whole new wave of innovation - building businesses through superior knowledge and latest technology.
90% campus placements prior to graduation
100% SI for all students in their pre-final year with many paid Internships and secures prestigious 'Live' projects in both private & public sector
Internships & Industry Relations
Summer Internships
Faculty Internships

First time in India
An initiative to update faculty skills by providing internships in relevant industries creating vital exposure to latest developments, technology innovation and research to add quality to the classroom experience at UPES

Industry-academia participation
50 faculty internship every summer

Teaching done by academics and industry fellows
IT Trends - I am sure you will agree
Outsourcing in the IT industry is a sun set segment

The Sunrise segment is Products
We need to develop competencies and skills in the area of product development
Hope this Round Table deliberates and throws up way forward for Changing Business Imperatives in IT, specifically from a people perspective
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